~Are You Feeling Part of the Whole?~

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I recently had an email exchange with a client that allowed me a different perspective on my own journey and relationship with my intuition. I had happily offered to share some book titles for exploring intuition and then when I went to actually list some titles, I realized just how different my path has been to my current knowing of self and source and how intertwined they are. To me, intuition is being fully in flow with source and thus able to access information that is beyond what we think of as self. Young adult fantasy novels helped me in a huge way (read as an adult) in finding ways of moving with nature and finding my flow within the world. (I know, really!) I feel as though I am at the leading corner of an enormous fabric that stretches out behind me and is woven of all the strands of my experiences leading me to this exact moment. At the same time, I am a tree with branches reaching to the stars and roots that are my experiences providing the nourishment that has led me to my current self. It’s not as though this is any end point, this is all an ongoing experience of being. Maintaining my ability to feel in flow with nature and source is key to maintaining my sanity and ability to move through this world, but so, too, is continued exploration of flow and nature and source.

How do I both maintain and explore? Much of my self-care is both. My gratitude practice maintains my relationship with gratitude and perspective and it’s not a stagnant, detached practice, so it is also an exploration of gratitude and perspective. My walking practice maintains my awareness of my physical self and my physical connection with this planet, and allows me a specific time, space, and place for exploring this physical realm and how/where I am part of the whole. My writing practice creates a specific way and place to unload all the thoughts and feelings that I carry (mine and not mine) which helps me maintain a regular clearing for myself, and also creates a specific way and place for dreams and insights and explorations. I have other self-care practices, but these are my foundation and provide an example of how I am able to both maintain and explore within the same practices.

I will be offering a class to support your own journey into finding your flow within nature and feeling part of the whole. This class is still taking shape, so if this is something that resonates with you, please let me know, especially if there are specifics you are looking for. Details will be coming as the shape becomes clearer.

September Special:

September is a month of transitions and I’d like to provide some support to those of you needing help with one specific issue. The One Issue Session: 30 minutes of guided meditation and conversation. Special price of $35 for this month only. Please email me to book a session.

  • If you’re looking for some clearing or balancing for you and/or your whole family in these intense times, email for a session.
  • If you’re looking for some nature connection in the physical realm, we can arrange a walk’n’talk and get you noticing your surroundings in new ways, email for a session.
  • If you’re looking for some nature connection across the tiny screen in front of you, follow me on Instagram: intuitive_energy_guide and you’ll get views and positive words all in one spot.
  • Dog tricks are an exciting and fun part of my world at the moment with teaching classes and working with Lilly. Be sure to find Doggedly Whole on fb and ig, too. Shared moments of joy with your 4-legged(s) are so healing!

As always I love to hear your thoughts and current reality! Thank you for your continued support and referrals.


~ It's Time to Choose Something Different ~

The energies of April may be wild, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t support for you. There is massive support right now for you to choose an option you have never chosen before. I keep hearing from clients and friends alike that they are making new, foundation level choices. Maybe you’re noticing this week that it’s a little easier to see options where you couldn’t see them before. The full moon has helped clear out some of the residual stuff, whatever and wherever you’ve been working on your inner journey, and your filters and perspectives are shifting. Just yesterday I spoke to four people who all had something to share about changes in deep level choices.
With the arrival of spring and days already stretching longer with light, there is a natural increase in the speed of life. You might feel like your calendar is filling up super quickly. A new relationship with self-care is a great place to try something different. Maybe that means you’re going to aim for 30 minutes every week that is dedicated to you in whatever shape that may take. Perhaps you’re feeling like 5 minutes a day of creative drawing or word play is what feels right. I recommend you pull out your calendar, grab a colored pen, and mark out some time for self-care.
If you want to try something new and need some support in that endeavor, I’m happy to help. Please email me and let’s make that happen!
And don’t forget I’m offering two free guided meditations that are designed to make some self-care easy for you. Shifting from Fear to Love is from 8-8:30pm on Tuesday the 18th. Deep Relaxation for You and Your Critters is from 8-8:30pm on Tuesday the 25th. Details and registration for both meditations are HERE.
Thank you for inviting your friends and sharing the word!

May you know you are light.

Brief Energy Clearing Exercise

Are you feeling heavy and tired? Is your mind running unnecessary commentary on your every breath? Close your eyes, breathe in so your breath reaches the edges of your physical body, breathe out all the heavy, dark, murky stuff. Breathe in a soft pink light that fills you to the edges of your physical body and shines out into your energy bodies. Breathe out any remaining gunk that is not serving you in the now. Repeat as needed with the pink light filling you on your inhalation and the stuff that’s not beneficial carried off on the exhalation. ~ This is especially nice to do when you lie down in bed at night, freeing you to find more restful sleep. Did you give it a try? How do you feel?

Equinox Horizon Clearing Meditation

Free Guided Meditation

By Phone

Thursday, September 22


Please join me by phone for a guided meditation clearing your horizons and preparing you for the new season. Whether you make it on the call live or not, you will receive a recording of the meditation for you own use. Let's sink into this balance point of light and dark and feel the support of these energies. To register please go here.

September Collaboration ~ Self Care During Season Changes

Kim's Thoughts

Is your body trying to tell you something? Often times it starts with a whisper or a thought, “I should buy fish at the store,” or “I’m really thirsty,” or “I need more sleep.” If we listen, we find that sometimes it’s really easy to meet our needs, and other times we know what we need but it feels crazy hard to listen or do anything about. ~Read more

Elizabeth's Thoughts

Rhythms fascinate me and are something I like to pay attention to. In my morning walks, there are fresh cooler morning paces or wet morning strong smells paces (walking with a dog sometimes determines the pace). With different paces, there are different rhythms our 6 feet create hitting the ground. There are internal rhythms like breath and heartbeat. There are external rhythms like woodpeckers drumming on a tree or branches rattling in a breeze. The rhythms in and of work and play, the rhythms in and of movement and stillness, the rhythms in and of waking and sleeping can all be felt in a day, in a week, in a month, in a season, in a year, in a life.

Just like using the rhythms of music to match our current mood or to change our mood. So, too, can we use other rhythms for support in maintaining a way of being or changing a way of being. Here it is September, the autumnal equinox is on its way, and there are lots of changes happening. For many, it’s time for school (students, parents of students, teachers, or workers in schools). For others, work may have a seasonal component and there’s shifting going on there, too. Finding the rhythms that feel good right now can go a long way to staying in balance. As I’ve said before balance is not an end goal; it is a constant dance.

I love the balance points of the season changes: longest light, shortest light, and the two halfway points between. We’ve got the power of a halfway point coming up and I love how when you focus on it, you’ll see this same sort of balance point in your everyday life if you look for it. Finding the connections between macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos and leaning into the support of those connections is a wonderful way to use this equinox energy. Sometimes it’s tiny moments of stillness that expand into our awareness, sometimes it’s the giant size of a concept or change, if we are welcoming to these connections and the balance points within those connections, we can know the constant support available to us in a new and whole way.

Season changes are great times to check in with what your rhythms have been for the last few months and whether or not you’re feeling good about your dance with balance. Self-care of any sort is like balance, there is no ending. Knowing what helps you find the rhythms that feel good, what helps you feel balanced is an ongoing adventure. Sometimes you just adjust your routine a little and things can be drastically different. Sometimes you feel a yearning for something new and try out a variety of stuff until you figure out what fits and what doesn’t. Lately I’m listening to different music and readjusting my sleep patterns as the sun rises later each day. I’d love to hear how you’re experiencing this shift of season and what you’re finding that works for you. Please feel free to share in the comments on the below here on the blog.

May September energies support you in the now.

Thank you to all who joined the Gratitude Challenge last month. I'll be hosting a longer Gratitude Challenge in November. Be sure to keep an eye out for details.