Who does Elizabeth work with?

Elizabeth works with people as well as people with their animal companions who are committed to their search for creating a new balance.

Why not just say people and their animal companions?

Some of Elizabeth’s work is with people and their own inner and outer realms. Some of her work is with people specifically with their animal companions. Many of Elizabeth’s clients end up working with her on both fronts.

Is Elizabeth an animal communicator?

While she can receive clear information from animals, the mainstay or goal of her work is to support the connection between a person and her or his companion animal(s).

How can Elizabeth do this by phone?

Everything is energy. Elizabeth is engaging with or reading the energy at a distance. Distance work comes with some practice, but is not nearly as hard as some people imagine. Elizabeth is spatial which means she reads energy patterns and notices how things relate in space, within 3 or more dimensions. She reads energy with greater clarity from a distance. If she's too close or is visiting someone’s house to work with a whole household of humans, dogs and cats, then she's already in the midst of the energy patterns and cannot read them as clearly.

What do I need to do before a session with Elizabeth?

After scheduling a session, the most important thing for you to do is make sure you have somewhere quiet that you can relax (seated or lying down) during that scheduled time. When you are able to relax, you are far more receptive to the new and thus allow shifting to occur.

Does Elizabeth work specifically with lost/missing pets?

Her work with lost/missing pets is only with the people who have the heart to heart connection with the pets.

Does Elizabeth work with deceased animal companions?

Elizabeth works with your animal companions during the transition from life to death, but does not specifically work with them after they have left the physical plane.

Does Elizabeth work with people outside the U.S.?

She works via phone and can work with you wherever you are as long as you’ve got a phone.

What is Elizabeth’s cancellation policy?

24 hour notice is required for cancellation otherwise you are accountable for the cost of the session. Missed appointments are charged in full.

How much does a session cost?

A 30 minute session is $50. A 60 minute session is $90.