Related to Your Companion Animals

Clicker training from the basic to the advanced with Karen Pryor here. ~ If you've never used clicker training, you should give it a try! It's the best way to break down a behavior into tiny steps and get that big behavior trained. If you have used clicker training but it's been awhile, refresh your mind. You and your dog or cat will greatly benefit. Yes, clicker training works with cats, too!

Trick and training ideas and inspirations for you and your dog with Pamela Johnson here. ~ Lilly and I discovered Pam's site this summer and her videos were a huge hit and huge help for us both.

Trick training ideas for you and your dog with Emily Larlham here. ~ Lilly and I are in the midst of taking Emily's Weekly Manners online class which is perfect for refreshing your old training or starting anew.

Flower Essences that I find to be completely new paradigm are at Green Hope Farm. ~ I love using these for me, Laurens, Lilly, and I recommend them all the time. They have an Animal Wellness collection that is the best starting point for you and your companion animals. Their website is chock full of essences, so have fun exploring.

Dog gear focused on agility, but Clean Run is full of a slew of great stuff for you and your active canine companion.

Patricia McConnell is a wealth of information on dogs. ~ Her books are interesting, enjoyable, and full of passion for dogs. Her blog is also full of really helpful stuff.

Sophia Yin's low stress handling techniques are a game changer. ~ Her site has good information and the books and dvds are good not just for the veterinary world, but for anyone who has other species in her life.

Looking for a local shop that carries great food, toys, and dog supplies? Please visit Kim at Natural Pet Essentials.

Related to Energy


The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale ~ While this is an encyclopedia and you can skip through it as you wish, it's also the sort of book you can pick up and read from cover to cover. This is the book that led to me taking 2 years of class with Cyndi.

The Complete Book of Chakras by Cyndi Dale ~ This book is one I never lend to anyone, because I'm always using it.

Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale ~ For anyone looking for help with energetic boundaries, this is the book to get.

Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats by Diane Stein ~ This book is not entirely about energy, but she does at least present some information on energy.

Sounds True is a terrific resource. ~ The website is filled with a wide variety of information in a wide variety of media. They even have a radio station and online classes.

Zero Balancing is a body work that is a wonderful blend of energy and structure. ~ My favorite specific body work. I highly recommend it.

Practitioners I Recommend

Kim Lohan at Hara Studio is a Barbara Brennan School of Healing graduate. We collaborate in a variety of ways: newsletters, classes, community healings, and more. And in our joint ventures, we have discovered our work is complementary. 

Jaime Petralia is a life coach found here. She's very clear and direct, and can help you access your authentic life.