Short Bio

As an Intuitive Energy Guide, Elizabeth works with humans and their companion animals guiding them through the realms of the heart, to help them open to new levels of communication, understanding, and healing. She can often be found birding and walking the foothills and mountains of central Virginia with Lilly, her border collie.


I love this magnificent organism we are part of: Earth.

I believe we are all one.

I am committed to working with all animals through our heart to heart connections to remember we are source.

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More About Elizabeth

Fifteen years ago I was working as a gardener at an herb farm when I decided to take yoga teacher training which then led me to a Reiki class. After Reiki training, I went to massage school which was also when my dog, Dixie, found me. Dixie had hip dysplasia, and had two surgeries at a young age. Massage school provided me with the perfect tools for helping her, and she became a massage loving dog. We did lots of fun training, finding agility classes, and eventually going to agility trials where I provided body work for the dogs and people.

I knew that massage was definitely a step along the path not the end destination, and welcomed new reading and training especially anything energy based. I studied with Anastasia Gourley, an animal communicator, and gained clarity about the difference between thinking and knowing. I studied with Cyndi Dale, an intuitive, and explored my personal gifts, coming to know them in a deeper way.

My work is intuitive and much of my learning has been an experience of remembering. Since I was a child, I have had a recurring dream of flying. While there is flying in each of the dreams, I’m not always in a human body, and the flying is sometimes with giant wings, other times more akin to swimming through air. I have by no means reached the innermost core of all that this dream is for me, but it has long felt like a supportive reminder that shape-shifting is one of my gifts. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of camouflage has powerfully taught me how and when to be seen. Having experienced deep depression for years in my 30s, my own healing was, and still is, key to my work. Fully understanding that my strongest energy type is spatial allowed me to recognize the depression as something other than me. It had a shape and wrapped its energy patterns into me and dragged me down.

Feeling my connections to the natural world has allowed me to more comfortably stand in my own skin and embody the space meant for me. Drawing on the wisdom of the animals, plants, and elements of all realms, I am honored to create and hold a space for your guidance and healing.