Working with the core concepts of exercise, enrichment, nutrition, communication, and connection, I am here to help you and your dog find a life that suits you both.

I love the moment the light bulb flares when a person discovers a clear way to communicate with their dog (or other animal). Can’t find a clear way to communicate or need help with a specific behavior? I can help.

*New Rates beginning October 1, 2019

Initial Consult $125*/90 minutes

I’ll come for a visit and get a good picture of current life for you and your dog and we'll go over what issues you’re having and your goals. Then, we’ll come up with a plan to get you both from here to there.

Follow-up Visits $100*/60 minutes

We’ll implement our plan for changes piece by piece at a pace that fits you and your dog. Much of dog training is human training, too, so be ready to learn new stuff right along with your dog. It’s a team adventure.

Focused Enrichment Time $25/30 minutes

What's enrichment? Finding the right play style and games for your dog to use her body, nose, and brain to expend energy in a focused and healthy fashion. A Focused Enrichment Time is a customized walk and/or play time where your dog gets the mental and physical stimulation she needs.

Training Walks $40/45 minutes

When we're working on creating new behaviors for our dogs, repetition and consistency are important. On training walks, I'll work on the specific skills your dog needs.

We are super grateful for all the work Elizabeth has done with Cooper. He is an adorable, but super high energy/anxious dog. He absolutely loves his sessions with her. The engagement training and nose work make a huge difference and afterwards he is calmer and happier. The mental stimulation makes a major difference in his behavior - much more than just an exercise walk. We (humans and dog) look forward to her visits every week!
— G.L., Charlottesville


Where do we train?

I will be working with you and your dog in your home setting. If the new behaviors you want are for situations away from the home, we will adjust as needed.

How many sessions will it take?

Since each client team has different goals and works together at different speeds, there is no set number of sessions. The initial consult gives me the information to design the customized training package for you and your dog.

What type of training do you use?

I am a marker based, positive reinforcement, dog trainer using scientifically backed training methods.

What is your training experience and background?

I discovered clicker training with my Australian Shepherd, Dixie, 16 years ago…and fell in love with it. Laurens, my Maine Coon, loved our clicker training as much as Dixie. I’ve been absorbing information from a huge variety of trainers since then from trainers working in tv/movies to different sports to behavior focus. My Border Collie, Lilly, and I are active in a number of sports: dock diving, nose work, and rally obedience. I am always taking classes not just to train Lilly, but to stay up to date on the latest information on how dogs think and learn and how we humans can more clearly communicate with our dogs. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is a mainstay for me these days.

What does Dog Training for the Whole Dog mean?

I am working with the core concepts of exercise, enrichment, nutrition, communication, and connection as the foundation of dog training: paying attention to the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the dog, thus the whole dog.

What is your cancellation policy?

If client cancels more than 48 hours before a scheduled session, there is no charge. If client cancels within 48 hours of a scheduled session, there will be a 50% fee charged. And if client does not show up at a scheduled session, the full fee is charged.