Here's just a sampling of what clients have to say about working with Elizabeth.

I have had a number of sessions with Elizabeth throughout the years. She has helped me and my two cats to have a balanced life...we went from a territorial division, constant fights, food and litter boxes as far away from each other as possible, and fear (on my part), to a loving environment where my two girls can sleep a couple of feet from each other, eat together, meditate with me...Elizabeth’s way of approaching a certain issue has helped me heal through time, space, find balance, and feel supported by the Divine.
— Alla K., Minnesota
I had two half-sibling indoor cats, each fourteen years old. One was forever gregarious and a darling. The other, a female, was always extremely shy and skittish. She disappeared into the basement whenever a stranger entered the house. She ran when I walked into the room. I wasn’t allowed to touch, so she hadn’t been to the vet in twelve years. I was sad but passive about having no relationship with an animal who shared my home. We were strangers living side by side.
I learned of Elizabeth’s services and called. I know it sounds like an evangelical miracle but the morning after our single telephone session I was lying on the floor rubbing Alice’s tummy. Thereafter she was happier, I was happier. I don’t know if Elizabeth’s skills worked on the cat or on me, but the result was real. If you have an animal or a relationship that needs improvement, I recommend Elizabeth without reservation.
— John C., Virginia
I did the elemental meditation with Elizabeth and recognized which elements are strengths for me. This has helped me with settling myself when responding to my children and to stresses in my life.
— Kim L., Virginia