Short Bio

As both a Dog Trainer and Intuitive Guide, Elizabeth works with humans and their companion animals bridging the species gap to find the balance that allows everyone to thrive.


I love this magnificent organism we are part of: Earth.

I believe we are all one.

I am committed to working with all animals to bridge the species gap and remember we are all part of the whole.

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More About Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been walking through life with a dog by her side for years. She grew up with lots of dogs and cats over the years; living in a big multispecies family has definitely shaped her world view and she can regale you with magical cross species stories. More than just friendly companions, her dogs, Dixie and now Lilly, have opened her world: meeting people, going places, doing things that would not have happened without the 4-legged nudging her along. Dixie and Laurens, wild cat extraordinaire, led the way through hands on body work and energy work. She continues her energy practice working with people and their companion animals and loves that every session is new. With her experience in animal communication, and clients asking for training advice, it’s a natural move to dog training (got a cat or other critter—we can still work together). Elizabeth looks at each being involved as a whole being and she’s looking, too, at the relationships between the creatures no matter the species. Elizabeth is always looking for ways to better understand dogs (and other critters) from their perspective and help bridge the understanding gap between the species. In her spare time, you can find Elizabeth and Lilly walking and birding in the mountains of central Virginia, or slightly farther afield doing nose work trial, dock-diving or rally obedience.