As an Intuitive Guide, Elizabeth works with humans individually as well as in concert with their companion animals to find heart-centered perspectives, deepen connections, and to bridge the species gap to find the balance that allows everyone to thrive.

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In a nutshell, Elizabeth:

is spatial

connects with other species

is a walker (of earth and other realms)

is fascinated by different perspectives

looks at how things relate

More About Elizabeth

I walk the earth. Walking is a key piece of who I am and I don’t just stick to the physical walking; as an energy worker, I walk the realms. I walk people to their heart centers and help them to explore aspects of self and life from this different perspective, to discover the deeper connections available from the heart space. I walk souls to the journey beyond the physical. I walk by your side as an Intuitive Guide. How did I get here?

I have been learning all my life: how we are part of the whole, how we relate to the whole, how to shift perspectives, and how to walk the realms.

I have had (and continue to have) great teachers: from the cats and dogs of my childhood to current day, to my special allies the birds, from all the fauna and flora of this world, to my more formal studies of the subtle energies.

I have studied Integral Yoga, Reiki, animal communication with Anastacia Gourley, and completed the Apprenticeship Program with Cyndi Dale in 2011. I continue to hone my skills as I have over the 17 years since I started doing energy work with humans and companion animals.

In my spare time, you can find me with Lilly, my border collie pal, walking and birding in the mountains of central Virginia, or slightly farther afield at a nose work, dock-diving or rally obedience trial.