Where Things Meet

Edges. The ceiling at the wall, the silhouette of tree against sky, the air on my skin, the bird on water. There are edges everywhere I look. Some are sharp, some are softer and some I cannot quite find though I know they are there. Edges are often considered the separating point, the division of one thing from another. I like to look at edges as where things meet. This seems more fluid and flexible.

I've enjoyed practicing Reiki for more than 10 years now, but it was only a few years ago that it became a shining example of oneness for me. I had just finished reading Cyndi Dale's book The Complete Book of Chakra Healing and Laurens, my cat, was suddenly limping. With my Reiki training I was taught the 7 chakra system. Cyndi uses the 12 chakra system and it resonates with me. Previously Laurens was very particular, like many animals humans included, about receiving energy work. I decided to give it a try. Dixie, my dog, came over to join us and everything shifted. What had started out as a 12 chakra Reiki session with Laurens, became an amped up level of energetic connection between the three of us. We were focused on Laurens and his limp, but we went beyond that and found a new balance for the three of us. In that moment there were no sharp edges between us. There were blurred meldings of Laurens, Dixie and me. While I had one hand on Laurens and one hand on Dixie and the edges of our physical bodies were clear, our energies were meeting and transforming. We were one and we still are.

When I take my walks I look at the individual leaves, the individual trees, the woods as a whole. I practice seeing the pieces and then the pieces as the whole. I am looking for where things meet. I am looking beyond the physical to the subtle energy level to see the softer edges. I am seeing that everything meets somewhere and all is one.