Elizabeth Bain

Dog Trainer & Intuitive Guide

Welcome! Are you trying to better understand or communicate with your critters? I'm here to help you bridge the species gap so everyone can thrive.

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Doggedly Whole

Dog Training for the Whole Dog

Need some help with some obedience or behavior issues? Does your dog have too much energy? Let’s find the right balance of dog getting to be dog yet still following the guidelines of living with humans, to make living together comfortable for everyone.    

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animal communication, animal intuitive, energy healing, reiki, intuitive, pets, cats, dogs, pet family, intuitive energy healing, central virginia, charlottesville, albemarle county, crozet

Intuitive Guide

Energy Healing for You and Your Pets

Is something stagnant in your life and you want some change? Or maybe you’ve had too much change and need clarity and clearing? I work with individuals and multi-species families/humans, dogs, cats (and other species) for clearing, connecting, and finding new perspectives.    

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It is so nice to have someone support me without agenda or ego and empower me to clear things on my own, too. Each friend I have referred to Elizabeth has always thanked me and expressed how much their particular situation improved.
— Cindy J., Virginia