For a long time now birds have been an integral part of my existence. I see and hear birds everywhere I go and they are with me in my dreams and meditations. While I have learned plenty about them from ornithologists and books, much of what I know about them is a knowing that is beyond traditional learning. It is a universal consciousness knowing, a knowing from the birds themselves. A typical day for me includes at least 20 different varieties of birds. Many are birds I see every day, but there are plenty of others who appear as they are either migrating or just stopping by for a visit. While I do live in a rather rural area these days, even when I lived in the city there were birds everywhere I went. While there are many messages and meanings for specific birds, my relationship with birds is one that goes beyond the messages and meanings. With each meeep, whistle, flit, and whhoosh of wings I am refreshed, renewed, healed. They teach me about awareness of surroundings, how to be one with the elements, what economy of motion looks like. They present me with colors, shapes, sounds, movements that shift perspective in an instant. I listen to the feathers of the wings moving the air as they fly and notice that they are not the same. Like we, as humans, have different footsteps, so do birds have different wing beat songs. And for all the differences I notice, the essence of bird is the one that soaks into me the deepest. And that essence is one that bolsters my spirit when I need it whether by bringing me out of my brain and into my connection with the elements or by sprinkling my eyes with colors that renew.

I am a nature based human and as such I spend a lot of time with the plants, animals, elements and planets. I open to the wisdom of the natural world and wonders abound. My relationship with birds is an open, ever changing one. In a meditation recently I opened the back side of my heart chakra with my focus on my guides and I was instantly covered in birds. I became a new type of being. I still have not learned all that I can from this experience, but what I do know is that the birds have my back in ways I have yet to even imagine.