A chilly morning walk today with high, flat clouds, and a hint of February sunrise. The fields are a pale buff orange, a little paler when the sun is hiding. There is still some snow on the mountains, and the faint shadows today give the mountains strong textures for an overcast day. Seeing layers everywhere these days, I am finding that there are layers of the layers. Layers of colors, textures, sights, sounds. Layers of thoughts, feelings, dimensions, realms. And the fox has appeared a few times lately. The fox often has to do with the magic of camouflage, invisibility and shapeshifting which is really just more layers. My eyes find the hawks who blend into the trees. My feet find the steps that carry me from this plane to other planes and back again. My heart finds the beats that bring comfort and joy. And this morning, while stopping to enjoy the pond environs, who should come loping along the edge of the pond? The coyote, the wise fool. She did not stand out with her tawny coat against the frosty field. With her long legs, she moved at a steady pace. Not that different than a fox in some ways, but just with that movement, my eyes knew her to be a coyote. Foxes at that pace glide. Coyotes definitely have an extra bit of movement to make it a looser lope. So, from camouflage to play, the fox to the coyote. And again, layers. I see layers in the camouflage on the physical level. I see layers of wisdom on the level of meaning. And all the while I'm walking, my feet are taking me from realm to realm so that I may receive the wisdom of the animals and walk it back into this realm and share it with others.

Our families are often multispecies families in today's world. And as the planetary consciousness shift is occurring, these multispecies families assist in a big way. Living with another species, or two or three, opens our minds to new ways of thinking and our hearts to new ways of knowing and loving. As we transition into living from the heart, we have the support of the other beings on this planet: the trees, grasses, lichens, the birds, whales, shrimp to name a few. And most closely, we have the support and assistance of those other species we welcome into our families: the dogs, cats, horses, rodents...And the list could go on for those species that we have chosen as members of our families (or who have chosen us, as is more often the case). As I work with humans and other species alike, I find that the work is an exchange of energy that lifts all of us involved to a higher vibration. I feel like shifting vibrations is peeling away a layer and tuning in to the divine vibration. See? I really am seeing layers everywhere.

So I thank you fox and coyote for allowing me a glimpse of the interconnectedness of the layers this morning. And I will keep on walking and finding the layers.