Red Messages

There are times that I ask for help with an issue and start seeing messages everywhere. And then there are times that I have not asked for any assistance from the divine, yet still notice that there are messages everywhere. Many of my messages appear in some form in the natural world, though there are plenty of times when I am reading a book and some word, phrase or entire sentence will jump out at me. Just today I have had repeated messages from the birds. While in the kitchen this morning, I looked out the window and saw the first red-winged blackbirds of the season. (They will come in waves now in mixed flocks with starlings and grackles all so shiny and black.) And while watching the red-winged blackbirds feeding on the ground, movement on a branch caught my eye and there was the red-breasted nuthatch. There was a tickle at the back of my mind--red. A little later in the morning I headed out into the cold, windy, blue sky day for my walk. I was focusing on placing each foot and being the bird on the wind. And I was listening to the sounds of a windy day: the roar of the tall trees on the ridges, the scraping and whining of the branches rubbing against each other, the crows in the distance, the startled mourning doves fluttering off. And then a red-shouldered hawk flew up behind me and landed on a branch in the field. As I watched the hawk settle on the branch, I heard the red-headed woodpeckers chittering in the oaks. No longer was there a tickle, the pieces fell into place. In this case red is the marker color and the part of the body where the red appears shows the chakra for my attention. The names of the birds in this instance even tell where the red is. The wings are the arms of a bird, and arms correspond with the heart chakra. Thus, the blackbird is about the heart chakra. The breast of the nuthatch again points to the heart chakra. The shoulders of the hawk again correspond with the heart chakra. But the woodpecker has a red head which is actually the location of two chakras, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Red itself is also important as it is the color of the root chakra. So with all theses pieces of the message put together, my feathered friends have been telling me today to focus on my heart chakra and open to the information that appears (third eye and crown chakras) all while being present in my physical body (root chakra). (This is a bit simplified as there are levels of this message that will open to me as I focus on these chakras which I will do in meditation.) All of this is almost circular in that I was open to the information that appeared and thus got this message which just makes me smile. I tend to ask my guides for messages that are straightforward and hard to miss, and I am grateful that is what I get.