There is much in our brains, mostly fueled by our culture and society, that is divisive. We are separated by sex and gender, by skin color, by age, by loyalty whether it be to a religion or a nation. This list could go on and on, but I'd rather focus on the unity. There are plenty of times I feel alone in this world, but I have come to a new way of being that allows me to shift perspectives quickly. Shifting perspectives provides me with a way of being in the moment and of the moment, a sort of timeless existence. With each breath, each blink, I am new. With each breath, each heartbeat, I am. And what am I? The question of the ages. I am separate in the physical plane, but there is so much more than the physical plane. I share the same general characteristics with all the other humans, which are not that different from all the other animals here on this planet. And ultimately I share the energetic makeup of the elements just like everything else that is here in this world now as we know it. All of this means that while we are here in separate forms, we are all allies.

Just take a breath, feel your heartbeat, feel the pulse of blood in your arteries, blink, and sink into your heart-space. Here in the center of our beings is the connecting point. The connection to each other, to the source, to all that is. It is the unity point. It is where we can become aware that we are one. Even when I think I am doing something by myself, I am just one tiny wave of light shining brightly amidst all the other waves of light that are the divine. It is the brain, the thoughts therein, that create the veil and thus divide us. But with each step I take, we all step, with each rise of an ocean wave, we all rise. Even the falls, be they into a hole of literal or emotional proportions, are falls we all take. Only to rise again with the take off of an vulture rising into the sky.

It is a remembering, this knowing of oneness. I am one with the clouds, the stars, the birds, the trees, you. All is one and one is.