The Force of Gratitude

While our world is large, we are growing ever closer. No longer is physical travel the way to get from one place to another, there is real time video calling. And for many of us, astral travel or remote viewing is becoming a part of our existence, too. As we grow closer, I find that we can affect change at ever faster rates. Lately I've been focusing for at least a few minutes each day on being grateful. I try to start my day by thinking of something new for which I am grateful. I can actually feel the patterns in my brain changing after a few weeks of this. There is a new rhythm in the pulses in my nervous system. There is a new vibration in my upper chakras. And in the last week, all sorts of awesomeness has occurred. With this intention to be in a space of gratitude, has come a deeper trust in the divine. And with this trust in source, miracles shine around me. It's as if they have always been there, but my eyes have now opened to a new dimension and the miracles are clear, not just a shimmer of hope at the edge of my vision. Miracles of healing for an older dog who is finding her way toward the transition from the physical realm on to new realms. Miracles of a client cancelling, only to get another client more in line with my new services (my business is in transition from hands-on to energy work). Miracles of my friend Lisa sharing this humble blog with the multitudes of her followers on her wonderful blog. So, on this blue-sky-sunny-warm-February morning in Virginia, I am grateful for the love that is. And whether you have just found me on the interwebs or have been following me, thank you for visiting and I am grateful for your presence.