Fire of Spring

Lately the element of fire has been popping up everywhere for me, from neighbors burning brush to quotes about fire on facebook. Fire is the element of heat and passion. It can be slow or fast. It can rise tall or be embers. The typical colors associated with fire are orange, red and yellow, but all the colors can be seen in fire. There is a strength in fire that we can draw upon, an excitement and an illumination. At the moment, I see myself here in spring as a tree with my sap rising, but my sap is the element fire. It is burning away any and everything that is not mine, that is no longer beneficial to me. It is igniting a new sense of wonder, a new me here in this new life as I experience the excitement of being human. I can ride the flames of fire in the physical and beyond. Star, made of fire and light, is one of my major elements. I reach into my star essence and feel the burn of fire. I feel the burn of passion for life, joy, love. So this season of spring is a metaphorical season for me as well, as I spring forth into each moment with fire feeding my existence. New, new and new again with each breath, each blink, each pulse of fire in my veins.