Spring Snow or Moving from Patience to Acceptance

When I was little, my parents often called me RightNowBain, a good indication that I was impatient. Years later I am bigger and a bit less impatient, but it certainly hasn't been easy. There are times when the universe keeps throwing things in my face because I keep missing them. My impatience is one of those things thrown in my face over and over again. By no means am I perfect, I've just actually managed to learned some of the lessons I've been given and patience is something of which I now have a better grasp. The more I have focused on living in the moment, the more I have realized that time is a figment of the imagination. All is one and all happens at once. For me, this means I have leapt into the flow of grace that is the divine. I trust that opening to the gifts of the divine that make me me, will allow me a role as co-creator, with love as the common denominator, to flourish in this amazing experience of being a human on Earth. Knowing that I am of the divine, allows me to let go of worries and just be. As co-creator of my existence I have power to choose. And I understand that there are choices my soul made before entering this human experience that I have yet to remember if I ever will.

Let's take a little foray into the world of etymology, shall we? (Please excuse mistakes, this is really just my attempt at some etymology.) A brief look at the root of the word patience takes us to the Latin pati which means to suffer or to endure. Suffering is not my focus. Instead I choose to focus on acceptance. Acceptance comes from the Latin acceptare which means to receive or to take. Receiving or taking shifts the vibration to one with which I prefer to resonate. I choose to take or receive that which is. I choose to turn toward the power of choice. I choose to turn toward all is one. I choose to turn toward the divine.

At the moment here on this part of Earth, it is officially spring. Often that means that we have sunshine, warmer temperatures, wind. And if there is precipitation it tends to be in the form of rain due to those warmer temperatures. This year we have sunshine and wind, but so far the temperatures are not that warm and the precipitation has been some of the frozen types. The weather is something I love to talk about and observe. I am aware I have no immediate control over it. It just is. Long ago I chose to turn away from enduring the weather and turn toward receiving it. I enjoy each day as it is and I continue to be fascinated by the intricacies of the weather. I open to the gifts of the weather each day, a close communing with the elements. I choose to vibrate with acceptance.