Elements within Us

I do not just work with other people and their nonhuman animal friends. I spend plenty of time working with my own energies. While it is certainly wonderful practice, it is also a necessity for me and my own spiritual growth. Whether I am opening to new experiences of the divine or focusing on something specific, there is always plenty to learn. One of my favorite ways of finding a balance especially when the physical body is the focus, is to use the elements. As I have written here before, we are each made up of a unique blend of the elements. Knowing the gifts each element provides, allows endless healing possibilities. For me healing is about acknowledging and accepting wholeness in the now. I try not to come from the dualistic perspective of find a problem and fix it. I find that is a limiting way of seeing things. Instead, I work with awareness of the now and move toward shifting patterns, even in tiny ways, to allow a balance that is more in line with the true me or really the divine. For a simple example, if I have a muscle that is sore from overexertion, I call on water and wind to clear, cleanse and cool the area. Then, I call on earth, wood and stone to rebuild anything that needs rebuilding. Using these elements I am allowing that of which I am made to rebalance. Having worked with the elements for some time now, I can feel the elements shifting on a cellular, sometimes even smaller than that, level. Each element has a different feel to it, different weight, brightness, speed. I am more than my physical body. I have more resources than just those provided by my physical body and my brain. The divine is within me. I am of the divine. Asking for guidance and assistance is more than just asking. It is also opening and receiving. And both the opening and the receiving are never-ending. Remembering that we are co-creators, awareness of the now is an important step in this entire process. By using the elements for help in healing, I am opening to resources beyond the physical. I am reaching out to the web of elements and drawing strands of that web over to the web of the physical. I am making a stronger web. In the interconnectedness of all that is, I sense these amazing webs of light. I find that weaving and reweaving these webs provides stronger support, thus providing a different sense of balance.