New Client Special Rates!

Do you have a new dog or cat in the house?Do you have an older dog or cat who has slowed down and the rest of the household is having trouble adjusting? Do you have new work-related stress or is there anyone ill/injured in the house? Has the dynamic with your 4-leggeds shifted with the addition of a new human companion? Schedule a session with me today! We'll check out the household situation from an energetic perspective. We'll open to any information that may help ease into a new balance. We'll create space for patterns to shift. We'll strengthen and bring your awareness to the energetic connection between all the creatures in the family. Special Rates: 30 minute session: $20 60 minute session: $35 Sessions are by phone. Please email me elizabethbain11 [at] gmail [dot] com or call 434-249-9786. Let's find a new balance!