Osprey Magic

They perch on branches at the edge of trees, trees that are just now starting to green up and fill out. From a distance they are dark slashes on dark branches that catch the scanning eye. A sharper look brings the white head to attention. For hours they will sit on a branch. Then with a quick wingbeat or a gentle wingpush they are wing on air. They move from a space of being one with the tree to being one with the air in an instant. They soar on big winds, they coast on small winds. They hover above the water, keen eyes zeroing in on a fish. They drop with great speed to dive into the water to catch that fish. While only in the water for a short period of time, they are one with the water for that time. Crossing the boundaries of the elements is just some of the magic of the Ospreys. When fishing, they look closely, make a decision to move and then move. And when they move, they move with efficiency, speed and grace. Where I am here on Earth in Virginia, there are Ospreys who are year round residents and there are Ospreys who stop by on their migration. Last spring, there was a day when there were seven Ospreys on the one pond up the road. So far this spring, four is the most I've seen in one day. Most days this week there has been at least one, often two. With their white underbody and sharp M-shaped wings, they are easily recognizable when they are on wing. Their masked face is more noticeable when they are near. I find them to be the wise wizards of the big birds. I call on them when I need clarity in decision making. I call on them when I need help shifting quickly from one thing to the next. When I'm just in a hurry and have lots to do or when I'm moving from being friend to intuitive energy healer. When I'm traveling and crossing time zones or when I'm healing old patterns that no longer have any place in me. They appear when called upon with all their magic, willing to share.

When next you are stuck, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or energetically, call on the Ospreys. Breathe in their essence, feel your connection to them, and soak up their magic. And keep an eye out, they just may appear to you soon.