Open the senses and you open to the All. I practice opening my senses at different times, but perhaps most often, I practice this while I'm on my walks. Today I opened my hearing. While that means I heard Dixie's four feet on the ground in a rhythm with my two feet, I also heard the Meadowlark's whistles through my skin. I heard cars in the distance and new leaves rustling. I heard the crow fly overhead, wings shuush-shuushing the air, and I heard it through the top of my head. I heard the heartbeat of spring through my feet with each step. Sound is vibration. Vibration is not heard only through the ears. It is sensed with all of the physical body. Listening with my entire being draws me into my physical body. Being drawn into my physical body grounds me more which in turn opens me even further. A lovely little cycle. Opening to vibrations, I allow them to ripple through me, I am one. I am still aware of my physical body. I am still walking. I am still listening. Yet, I am no longer separate from the sounds. I become the vibrations. The vibrations of breath, life, light. Open to this space of listening and I am All. What will you hear today?