The Feathered Ones

It’s been a low clouds, misty few days with the temperatures hovering in the low 60s. The cicadas are emerging and their chirrrring is building each day. With the rain we’ve had recently, the plant life is exploding with growth, so it’s green everywhere. And the birds are busy, busy, busy. I have two red-shouldered hawk’s nests that I’ve been watching. The chicks stand on the side of the nest now and their wing feathers look like wing feathers. No longer just downy balls of fluff, they are growing fast. Red-shouldered hawks are more vocal than some hawks, keee-keee-keeeing the day away sometimes. If they are nesting, they are vocal about anyone coming into their territory and spend a lot of time calling warnings. Yesterday the crows had been cawing off and on for hours in the woods and field at the house. And the red-shouldered hawks were keee-keee-keeeing even more than the crows were squawking. I stepped outside every once in a while to try to see what was happening, but most of the activity was in the woods with only occasional passes over the field. And when there was a pass over the field it was in a spot I couldn’t see from wherever I happened to be. Finally in the middle of the afternoon I saw a crow swoop over a tree in the middle of the field. And then swoop again. I scurried out the back door to tiptoe down the yard so I could actually see that tree. And there on a dead branch was the bald eagle. They are giant birds. If I’m standing as tall and straight as I can, I might hit 5’8” which means my arm span is about the same. A bald eagle’s body is anywhere from 28” to 37” long and their wingspan is typically 6’ to 7’. That is a REALLY big bird. With a white head and white tail, brown body and wings, and yellow beak and legs, they are stunning to see. Their eyes do not miss a thing. I stood still and just soaked in everything I could. From the sheer size, to the amazing balance. From the rich markings, to the power I could feel from 100’ away. I opened all my senses and greeted the bald eagle from my heart.

I do not have memories of a life as a bird. In my recurring flying dreams I am a human with the ability to fly by swimming through the air. But in this life, I have a close connection to all the feathered ones. And I know they have many messages and lessons for me. I do not always consciously know what the messages or lessons may be at the moment I am with the bird who is sharing with me, but I receive them all the same. I am changed just by being in the presence of the birds. Knowing they are always a support for me and guides I may call on, provides me with a base from which I can grow in all dimensions.

Bald eagles often bring messages of creativity and spiritual growth, as well as awakening the knowledge of traveling between the realms, among many other messages. I have found over the years that birds have been appearing for me, that trying to figure out the exact message or lesson that each bird brings is not the important part. Just opening to the true essence of each bird’s being is what’s important. Perspective is one of the life lessons birds have taught me. A tiny shift can make a big difference in what you get out of an experience. Whether it is a shift of physical direction or mental direction, a shift of focus from near to far, a shift from seeing to listening, there is always more.

This morning, there was again a great ruckus outside. I went out to investigate and there in a locust tree was the red-shouldered hawk fussing at the bald eagle in the adjacent locust tree. Bald eagle magic again today! I feel such a surge of joy when a feathered friend greets me. Keep an eye out and see what feathered ones bring you messages today. Smile, greet them and open to their wisdom.