Grasping Infinity

The limits of this physical world are nothing compared to the limits we create with our thoughts. If we create our reality with thoughts, it seems to me that most of us humans create limits in all aspects of reality. I recently had the chance to talk to some 6th graders about mindfulness and lead them through some guided meditations. It was an exciting experience for me and so inspiring! Beforehand I asked what exposure these kids had to mindfulness or meditation, and was told to assume it was brand new for them. That gave me an idea of where to start, but I went to this talk open to support from my guides and trusting that I would have help knowing what would work best for this specific group of kids. I started off talking about how we spend a lot of time in our heads--thinking, thinking, and thinking about thinking. And I mentioned that we are electromagnetic beings and that if you measure the electromagnetic field (emf) of the brain and the emf of the heart, the heart is bigger. I asked the kids to guess how much bigger the heart emf is. Someone said two, someone else 100, someone else 500, and I just shook my head no with each guess. Then one kid in the back row laughingly guessed 5000 and I said bingo! They were all surprised, especially the kid who was correct. It was as though 5000 was so large, it was unimaginable.

Just before I was introduced I found out that most of these kids love their nonhuman animal friends. So after a few short guided meditations with breaks in between for the kids to share their experiences, I asked if they all had a dog or cat or horse or guinea pig. I think all but one kid had some nonhuman animal friend at home and the one who didn't knew one who just didn't live with her. I guided them through a heart to heart connection and we just sat with it. During our sharing, several kids expressed the same experience. One girl said it was not like it was human to dog or dog to human, it was all the same. One boy said that it was hard for him to describe. I mentioned that true knowing, knowing in, of, from the heart, is beyond words. Words are rather limiting and it can be very difficult to find words that express a rich and deep experience. After thinking on it a bit, he finally said that it was like the connection was being to being, but that it was more than that and they weren't really words for it. These kids had an experience of the infinity that is the All. While we all sat there in our heart to heart connections, these kids were in the infinite Spirit for a few moments.

In quantum physics there is talk of infinity. And infinity is a facet of much of existence if we let it be. In every second, there are infinite possibilities. In each breath there is infinite healing. I'm pretty sure I could go on and come up with infinite examples. For these kids grasping that the heart emf is 5000 times bigger than the brain emf was difficult. But, by experiencing the heart to heart connection with a nonhuman animal friend, they actually grasped infinity beyond what many adults can grasp. With our thoughts creating limits, our words strengthening those limits, and with years and years of this, many of us adults cut off all possibilities but one in any given moment. We often cannot even manage to allow two possibilities.

Whether you have a regular meditation practice or not, just being aware of the limits we create and opening to infinity can drastically change your every day life. Unfurling like a flower to the sun, when we open to the infinite in each breath, each step, each thought, each task of the day, we are closer to the All. And with a little practice we are not just closer, we slip into the All.

Welcome to a new world, a world of infinite possibilities.