Riding the Wave

While I have never been surfing on a board, I have spent time (years ago, now) boogie boarding and body surfing. The key to all of those activities is balance. My morning walks are hilly and my views on those walks are waves of rolling hills and mountains. I don't recall Thomas Jefferson's exact quote, but I believe he mentions his views of an ocean of mountains. As far as I may be from the Atlantic Ocean, I have waves of mountains right here to remind me of balance. In the last couple of weeks the pace of things has picked up for me. There is a sense of surging forward. I have opportunities appearing where there were none, and I'm feeling excited in a new way about my day to day work. Just this morning while I was talking to a couple of friends, I realized that it feels like I'm riding a wave. And maintaining my balance is key of course. There is a sense of alignment that I've noticed with these opportunities and my response to them feels natural. I don't have to think, I just know. I'm so grateful for this. But, just as with any time of change or transition, there is much to be sifted through and kept track of. Maintaining my walking practice, keeping my elemental support structure strong, and opening to the light that is the Divine always within me are all ways that I stay aligned and thus in balance. Reminders appear for me, support from the other realms, in the form of birds on air or water, spiders delicately moving about their webs, trees bending in a strong wind.

There is no rush, no sense of urgency in the time space continuum, when living in the now. I am on the wave, whether it is a low wave or a storm and tide driven high wave. I am balancing on the water with the wind and sun or moon on my skin. I am supported in this physical body by the elements of this earthly plane. I am sister to the birds and I am flying as this body was meant to fly. When your wave appears, breathe, move into your balance and just be you. A spark of the Spirit flying, lighting up life.