Feminine Power

It may not quite be spring yet, but there is definitely the feel of spring in the air. Here in Virginia, we've had a bit of actual winter with 17" of snow falling in one fell swoop a couple of weeks ago and another 4 to start this week. Since then we've had the usual roller coaster ride of temperatures with the thermometer even reaching as high as 66 last weekend. But there is still snow tucked in the shady spots and on the northern slopes. It's that time of year and I've seen so many birds mating...bluebirds tumbling down a snowy hill, red-shouldered hawks busy in a tree, chickadees dancing with their wings splayed beautifully. I know where two active red-shouldered hawk nests are. And I discovered one active red-tailed hawk nest this week. I've also seen the fresh red dirt by the two entries to the former groundhog den that the red fox has renovated to make ready for her kits. In the natural world, spring is the time of the mother. The mother is definitely an important face of feminine power, but really it is just that, a face on an immense power that is beyond form. Sometimes in meditation there are these slivers of not-me that present themselves to my awareness. There are beings with faces I recognize as archetypes, there are beings I recognize as visitors from other realms with different energetic footprints. And there are powers who/that are beyond beings yet, from my existence as a being, I read them as still holding some essence of a being.

The times that feminine power has shown up for me have been varied. From specific meditations focused on feminine power to soothing assistance while working on self-healing to the great mothers of different animals appearing on my meditation walks. My experience of feminine power is as an energy that is woven within everything in the universe. Just as human DNA carries both the genes of the mother and the father, so too does all energy carry strands of feminine power and masculine power. I do not see the weavings of the universe so much as I know/sense them spatially.

The arms of feminine power are always open to all alike. The great mother loves all unconditionally, and is the power stretching up from within mother earth to hold us up when we can't stand anymore. The sisterhood is a tribe open to all who are dancing, whether gently or enthusiastically, to the rhythms of feminine power. The crone or wise woman is there to answer the call for the wisdom of the ages for everyone who asks.

While we often equate feminine with female, that is so limiting. We are all a magnificent, unique blend of both the feminine and the masculine. Outside of space and time, deep in the vibrations of sound and light, is the essence of One/All. This is not outside of us, but within each of us.

So here in this month celebrating women with March 8 as International Women's Day, the month that also heralds spring, breathe deep of the power that unites us all, and step forth in this dance of life knowing you are feminine power.


the seed unfurls slowly steadily reaching for the light without as I reach for the light within gently breathing each strand brighter I grow ever larger ever smaller losing myself in the All

though there was never an I to lose

Namaste (This post was inspired by my friend Lisa over at MommyMystic asking for contributions on feminine power. Be sure to check out her collaborative post!)