Full Moon Invocation

With the moon close to us and full, today is a wonderful day for releasing. New moons are for setting intentions and thus, setting the path for manifesting. Full moons are for letting go, shedding, and aligning. The energies of the universe have been shaking things up in a big way lately. Not just in schedules not going as planned or wacky synchronicities appearing, the internal landscape has been shaken, too. I’ve been almost stuck, rather still in a fashion that is vaguely unpleasant. Old stuff has been popping up, and the new me has been floating in stagnant water trying to find a current or even a footing.

My walks are like breathing for me at times like this. The same is never quite the same since it is always new in the now. Seeing the same lines of ridges in the mountains, hearing the same birds singing, feeling the same earth under each footstep, gives me a footing, a rhythm, a sense of connection, for at least part of each day. And it carries me through the day. Once I’ve experienced something it is always with me. I can reach out and pull it to me, and wrap it around me or sink back into it or breathe it when I need to. This summer has been one of expanding, and while the pace has not always been comfortable, trusting that the pace is right for me in the now has become a little easier each day.

This full moon feels like the culmination of some big lessons, and today is the day to choose to complete those lessons by releasing them. Here is my full moon invocation for all of us.

I call the Angels from the North I call the Birds from the South I call the Water Beings from the West I call the Faeries from the East I call the Crystals from the deepest earth I call the Stars from the farthest galaxies May we release that which does not server our higher purpose May we align with Spirit in the Now May we open to the All May we be the Light of Love