In the Midst of the Ordinary

So often, in today's world, the special is celebrated to such an extent that the ordinary is ignored. The ordinary is where we really live. We breathe. We feel. We connect. The wind blows, the rain falls, the sun shines, the clouds billow. We eat. We sleep. We are. But instead of thinking of special and ordinary as two separate entities, what if we think of them as just two aspects of life, the whole? What if we leave that dualist thinking behind, shifting instead to the All? There is always change. While there are special points along the way that we use to denote the change, we don't have to focus on those markers. We can choose to focus on each moment. We can choose each moment. We can co-create. We are the change. So why do we even need those markers? They just detract from the moment.

So while you're drinking your morning coffee/tea, feel the mug in your hands, the hot beverage on your lips. Smell the aroma of the steam and feel it moisten your face. Feel the heat slide down inside you. Feel your feet on the ground. Choose gratitude for this human experience. Choose to smile, to shine.

While you're standing in line at the store, hear all the sounds surrounding you, the symphony of humanity. Feel the support of the earth below your feet, holding you up. Feel the light shining from within you. Choose gratitude for this human experience. Choose to share your light with this world.

In the midst of the ordinary, remember the magic that we are all One.