Destination: Relaxed and Receptive

One of the most common comments after an energy session with me is “I’m feeling so relaxed.” It is often even, “I’ve never felt so relaxed.” This comment comes after sessions with humans only as well as sessions with multispecies families. Many of us spend time doing things we love that relax us and still might not be aware of just how relaxation can impact us. In our day to day lives, we are doing and going far more than we are just being. Even when we have a meditation practice of some sort with a focus on being, we are often coming from a place of resistance without necessarily being aware of it. Resistance comes in all sizes and can be clear and large like when we say no to something without even pausing to feel if we really want to say no or not. But, much of resistance is blurrier and such a part of our normal days that we can’t sense it well at all and over time it can push us to a place we were never intending to go. Part of my daily prayer, that I repeat whenever it pops into my awareness, is “Thank you for helping me notice when and where I am resisting and for helping me move with ease back into the flow.”

When we relax, we can let go of rigid, old patterns that no longer serve us. When we relax we soften our innards, our edges; we allow ourselves to be the inner essence of self in a pure fashion. This place of relaxed being is where the magic happens. This is where we open to the new and different, and can feel our way through to what is in resonance with our true essence. This is where the shifts on deep levels can occur without having to do much other than be open.

The next time you are in a grounded, centered, balanced, and relaxed state, just revel in it. What do you feel like physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically? The more time you spend in this state, the easier it is to find again. Just as going to hike in a new place, eat in a new restaurant, make art in a new studio, once you have found your way there and had a wonderful experience, you want to be able to return. So, you make note of the directions and the next time you go it’s easier. Repeat. It’s no different with finding a relaxed state. This is the place you want to be able to find and hang out in as much as possible, because this is where you are fully shining as you and open to the array of infinite possibilities that are always available. This is the true you welcoming potential.

Enjoy the journey.