January Collaboration

Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time for drawing on the powers of the dark to help you create and manifest your year. Kim's thoughts:

January’s arrival is often filled with a building of energy with a focus on projects or transformations we wish to create in the upcoming months.

One of the types of healings I offer is Hara Healings. Hara healing helps you energetically align with what you want to manifest by focusing on three specific points in the body; the tan tien, the soul seat, and the ID point. If you can imagine a person standing in tree pose in yoga or a martial artist breaking a board with one's hand or a ballerina engaged in a graceful leap: this is the energetic alignment of hara.

These three points are on the hara line that runs vertically through the body. Each point is related to a certain aspect of intentionality: the tan tien to physical manifestation; the soul seat to your longings and desires; and the ID point is your connection to spirit.

The tan tien is about an inch below your belly button and helps you manifest on a physical level. The tan tien  allows you to draw up earth energy, and acts as a base by providing stability. When it’s strong we recognize and respond to opportunities as they arise. When it’s distorted we lack clarity and feel stagnant.

Moving up the body we go to the soul seat. This point is above your heart, yet below your throat. The soul seat is where you store your longings or desires: what you feel passionate about, what you would like to create. Often times our soul seat can become muffled or covered up due to criticism, negative experiences, disbelief in oneself or lack of support from our families. When our soul seat is shrouded it is difficult to know what we want in our life.

The ID Point is a few inches above your head and is where we connect to spirit. This point is where we understand our place on the earth and how to bring our gifts into the world. When the ID point becomes obstructed we lack connection to Spirit or God and can feel like we do not belong. If you are experiencing any of these scenarios, the good news is that your hara line can be realigned.

Here are some options to restore your energetic flow:

  • Hara Healings – people tend to experience the most benefit when they undertake three sessions focused on the hara line. I feel these healings are so powerful I’ve named my practice Hara Studio.
  • Martial Arts – Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate
  • Tai Chi or Qigong – there are classes offered or DVD’s for home practice
  • Dance - Charlottesville has a strong conscious dance community –check out www.dancecville.com
  • Mirror Exercise - stand in front of a mirror and connect into each point along the hara line. Barbara Brennan, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, explains in detail how to do this hara line exercise in her book, Light Emerging.
Here's to you manifesting what you want in the 2016!
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Elizabeth's thoughts:

We’ve turned the corner at the solstice and the days are growing longer. The light is already starting to build, but the nights are still long. (This journey of the earth around the sun doesn’t happen in a day.) Let’s take this time to jump into creation and manifestation.

Feeling grounded, centered, and balanced is important in daily life, but especially so when manifesting. If you are not feeling grounded, centered, and balanced, an Elemental Structure or Vision/Perspective Clearing session can allow you to move into manifesting from a more stable and open position. Services

First, remember that flexibility is a state of being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Second, be kind to yourself (always). Third, find a little quiet time for yourself for this process.

Now let’s dive in. Creations you may desire for the year could be an endless array such as: making new friends, writing a play, having a baby, getting a new job, travelling, laughing a lot, more me-time, finding a feline companion, volunteering, meditating daily. This list could go on, but these ideas might just spark something for you.

Here are some ideas and questions you might consider for brainstorming.

  • Break your life down into different aspects such as: personal, social, business, etc.
  • Break yourself down into different aspects: physical, mental, emotional, energetic.
  • What do you like in your life now?
  • Is there anything in that list that you want more of?
  • What do you not like in your life now?
  • What do you want to replace this list with?

Whatever the results of your brainstorming session, finding words gives shape to ideas. And making those ideas into a list starts the creation process in the physical plane. Whether you want a theme for the year, goals for each month, or some other shape for your coming year, write it down. Remember that this list is not carved in stone. You can change it. If you realize two months into the year that you’ve already created most of what’s on your list, make a new one! If you realize that what you had focused on when you first put this list together doesn’t feel right now that you’re into the year, make a new one!

Once you have a list, if you’re looking for something special and a way to make it feel more concrete, create a small ceremony. Handwrite the list with a fancy pen on a crisp sheet of paper. Light a candle and read the list aloud. If fire and wind are two elements that resonate with you, burn the list outside letting the fire and wind carry you with your dreams into this new year. If you’d rather see the list regularly as a reminder, put your list on the wall somewhere visible. Whatever you do, smile, and step forward into this new year knowing you are a co-creator.