Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

Spring is here ~ time to plant intentions Kim and I are hosting a countdown to Earth Day on our Facebook pages. Starting on April 1st we will posting daily ideas focusing on ways we can heal the earth. Click here to like Kim's page and here to like mine.

If the information below interests you, next month Kim and I are offering a class on energy clearing. Details coming soon.

"I look for what needs to be done. After all, that's how the universe designs itself." ~Buckminster Fuller

Kim's Thoughts

As spring arrives I often am filled with the energy of clearing out the old both internally and in my environment. It’s got me thinking about all the objects in my house whose energy actually pulls on me daily. Have you noticed how when you go into someone’s house you immediately feel at home or don’t? How great your feel once your house is cleaned?

I experienced stuff fatigue when I was in California for the holidays, it was almost 15 years ago, but my memory is very clear of it. Almost every flat surface had items on it. The couple in their mid 60’s had knickknacks everywhere; they had items from their childhood, from their children’s childhood, mementos from every vacation they ever took in addition to the Christmas decorations. I started feeling very overwhelmed and began feeling smaller. To be around all their collectibles, I had to pull my energy field in. I found myself over eating, I think in an effort to buffer me. At one point I had to go outside and walk. Their house was not dirty, but just filled with objects. I remember coming home from that trip knowing I didn’t want to feel so weighted by what was in my house.

So, I went home preparing to purge. Want to really experience whether your stuff has energy? Go home and try to purge. You will find yourself going down the hole of remembering how it came into your life, who got it for you, and if you bought it and are considering letting it go – you will remember how much you spent on it. I am often amazed when I do spring cleaning to see my resistance to give items up, even if I no longer use them or like them anymore.

Often times during a healing session I will get the impression that someone needs to purge, especially if we do a session around healing after a breakup. When I split with a former partner, we had bought lots of furniture together and I was left with it. I couldn’t see why it would be such a problem to keep it. I mean I needed somewhere to sit and relax, right? The problem was, every time I sat there I was reminded of him, even if I wasn’t conscious of it. The day I gave the couch away I remember it clearly (it was a heavy couch), my house and mental perspective felt so clear. Yes, my living room looked a bit bare, but within a couple of weeks, someone gave me a couch. I had to energetically make space for the new couch to come in. This also helped me make space for a new partner.  With this spring energy what do you want to make space for?

Here’s some books I’ve found helpful in making your home and energy in alignment: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up; The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, Move Your Stuff Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness by Karen Rauch Carter and Feng Shui Your Life by Jaime Barrett.

Elizabeth's Thoughts

Spring has arrived and traditionally we feel the need to clear out the old and make room for the new. So, let’s talk about houses and energy clearing. House clearing is not something that I would have thought I’d be doing. But, as it has continued to appear in my world in comfortable, gentle ways, I am listening and have embraced this as part of my work.

With this need to unload the old to welcome in the new, now is a great time to clear the connection with your house to create that space for change on any level.

Just to give you an idea of what energetic house clearing might look like here are two very different examples. One client felt that her very old house had residual energies lingering that were dark. We cleared the connecting lines between the residents and the house and between the house and the earth, really working to balance the elements of the house structure itself. One client had a house that wouldn’t sell. We worked on clearing the lines between the person and house, and made sure that there weren’t any lines acting like tethers keeping the house connected to the person. These are the most basic pieces of the work we did in these sessions, but this at least gives you a sense of the continuum of house clearing work that I engage in.

Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the energies of our homes. Though once you look at some of the questions below, you will realize you do already have a sense of your home. Just to be clear, I am talking about the structure of the actual house, not the placement of rooms, furniture, and fixtures—that’s feng shui. Here are a few questions to get you started.

Do you have favorite spots in your house even if you don’t spend lots of time in them? Are there spaces you only ever move through and maybe even dislike? Does your house feel lighter or heavier in different parts? When you think of or picture your house is there a certain aspect that you always think of or see?

As you ask yourself these questions you may notice specific emotions and beliefs popping up. This is where the connecting line between you and the structure of your house comes into play. While you may think your house is not tied into your job or your creativity, everything is woven together into a beautiful web and very intricately related. Just bringing awareness to this can create a deep shift. Enjoy your explorations into a different sort of spring clearing!