Planting and Transplanting

I was talking with a couple of friends the other day and one of them said she feels like all she's doing right now in her life is planting lots of seeds and that they are all TINY. We were talking about all the different aspects of life where it feels like it's time for change and how it can be frustrating to be at the seeding stage. When you plant seeds, sometimes it feels like forever before you see the growth. But that comes down to expectations. Just like with anything, when your expectations are so specific and overpowering they can get in the way of just being. Then you can't seem to do anything other than see that the expectations are not being met. I have been moving away from expectations over the recent years and moving toward the realm of trust. And let me tell you, like so much of this human experience, it's a continual practice, this moving toward trust. In that same conversation with friends, I was noticing that we are also transplanting now. There are areas of life where we've been nurturing our previously planted seeds and they are now more mature plants. These plants are ripe for transplanting and now is a great time for this. So while the plants have been growing in certain areas of our lives, other areas of our lives might be ready for those plants and with a little extra attention they can thrive with their transplanting.

Of course, it's now spring and summer is just under a month away, so this really is a perfect time for all this planting and transplanting.

Breathe those expectations out on your exhalations and breathe in some trust with each inhalation.