Collaboration with Hara Studio

November Collaboration ~ Save Yourself from Energy Vampires

As everything is energy, there is a constant flow of energy in and out of our beings. We both give and receive energy in many forms. When we are in a balance point (ongoing, I know) we are receiving as much as we are giving. This sounds like a simple mathematical process, but real life is far from simple. One big energy draining concept to be aware of is energy vampires. Often these are people, but they can also be groups or intangibles like your work or an organization of some sort. I’m sure you know some: those who are needy and take, take, take; people who or situations that leave you exhausted even when you didn’t seem to do much. 

Awareness is always the first step. Once you have noticed who or what drains you completely, who doesn’t energize you, then you can work with boundaries to safeguard yourself. Most of us tend to default to a scarcity pattern of some sort, so it’s easy to think that you don’t want your energy getting sucked out of you because you only have so much energy. A slightly different outlook is that balance in life is more sustainable. So, if you’re too involved with energy vampires of some sort, you may struggle to maintain the receiving end and, thus, are left depleted and always just out of reach of (or even far from) feeling balanced.

Boundaries can be as simple as saying no. Granted, this may take practice, but saying no can go a long way to a more balanced in flow and out flow of energy in your being. Or boundaries can be more involved where you figure out how much of someone or a situation you can take and having a set limit of involvement. Sometimes even removing oneself from an energy sucking situation or person doesn’t actually sever the energetic connection. In times like this, creating a ceremony can help, but this is when getting an energy healing session could be greatly beneficial.

If you are aware, as you’re with someone, that she or he is draining your energy, walk away if possible. If that’s not possible, breathe and picture your breath filling you with a clear, white light that shines out from you in all directions creating a bubble. This white light bubble is an energetic boundary, allowing you to verbally engage with someone while not losing your energy to that person. This is also something you can do ahead of time if you know you will be spending time with an energy vampire.

Energy vampires are not consciously setting out to take other people’s energy. The energy patterns in these people or situations come about from different reasons, but there is often a vacuum or void that needs to be filled. And when it is not properly addressed and released or re-patterned, it is most easily filled by sucking energy from other people.

We all give and receive energy just by existing and as we draw our awareness to where the energy is coming from and where the energy is going, we can step into the role of a true co-creator of life.

Kim's Thoughts

Energy vampires sucking you dry? Here are some tips to help keep you protected when around those hungry folks. To begin with, who am I talking about? When I refer to energy vampires, I’m referring to folks who leave you feeling either depressed, wiped out, or angry after spending time with them. They may be your coworker, a parent or acquaintance, they could even be someone whose company you used to enjoy. ~ Read more

September Collaboration ~ Self Care During Season Changes

Kim's Thoughts

Is your body trying to tell you something? Often times it starts with a whisper or a thought, “I should buy fish at the store,” or “I’m really thirsty,” or “I need more sleep.” If we listen, we find that sometimes it’s really easy to meet our needs, and other times we know what we need but it feels crazy hard to listen or do anything about. ~Read more

Elizabeth's Thoughts

Rhythms fascinate me and are something I like to pay attention to. In my morning walks, there are fresh cooler morning paces or wet morning strong smells paces (walking with a dog sometimes determines the pace). With different paces, there are different rhythms our 6 feet create hitting the ground. There are internal rhythms like breath and heartbeat. There are external rhythms like woodpeckers drumming on a tree or branches rattling in a breeze. The rhythms in and of work and play, the rhythms in and of movement and stillness, the rhythms in and of waking and sleeping can all be felt in a day, in a week, in a month, in a season, in a year, in a life.

Just like using the rhythms of music to match our current mood or to change our mood. So, too, can we use other rhythms for support in maintaining a way of being or changing a way of being. Here it is September, the autumnal equinox is on its way, and there are lots of changes happening. For many, it’s time for school (students, parents of students, teachers, or workers in schools). For others, work may have a seasonal component and there’s shifting going on there, too. Finding the rhythms that feel good right now can go a long way to staying in balance. As I’ve said before balance is not an end goal; it is a constant dance.

I love the balance points of the season changes: longest light, shortest light, and the two halfway points between. We’ve got the power of a halfway point coming up and I love how when you focus on it, you’ll see this same sort of balance point in your everyday life if you look for it. Finding the connections between macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos and leaning into the support of those connections is a wonderful way to use this equinox energy. Sometimes it’s tiny moments of stillness that expand into our awareness, sometimes it’s the giant size of a concept or change, if we are welcoming to these connections and the balance points within those connections, we can know the constant support available to us in a new and whole way.

Season changes are great times to check in with what your rhythms have been for the last few months and whether or not you’re feeling good about your dance with balance. Self-care of any sort is like balance, there is no ending. Knowing what helps you find the rhythms that feel good, what helps you feel balanced is an ongoing adventure. Sometimes you just adjust your routine a little and things can be drastically different. Sometimes you feel a yearning for something new and try out a variety of stuff until you figure out what fits and what doesn’t. Lately I’m listening to different music and readjusting my sleep patterns as the sun rises later each day. I’d love to hear how you’re experiencing this shift of season and what you’re finding that works for you. Please feel free to share in the comments on the below here on the blog.

May September energies support you in the now.

Thank you to all who joined the Gratitude Challenge last month. I'll be hosting a longer Gratitude Challenge in November. Be sure to keep an eye out for details.