Full Moon and Equinox Energies

We’re well into the equinox energy window and you may have already noticed balance coming up as an issue, whether it’s awareness of where you have or feel balance or where you don’t have and want or need balance. The weather itself is noticeably lacking balance these days (a piece of climate change). Today is the first drizzly, cool day we’ve had in quite some time and it’s a relief after that last gasp (I hope it was anyway) of heat the last couple of days. If you’re not already aware of balance in your life right now, take some time to explore it in the next few weeks and connect with the equinox energies for support in shifting where you need and want to create change. With the full moon tonight (12:32AM EDT), there’s energy to support release. It feels like old patterns that have risen to the front of awareness this summer can be swept out with this full moon energy.

Here are the folks I read and sift through for resonance.

Chani Nicholas

The Power Path

Mystic Mamma

Seeking Unity on This Journey

Yellow Mountain dawn gloaming

Yellow Mountain dawn gloaming

August flew by with busy days and the steadily lengthening dark. Our early morning walks are shifting, bit by bit, with the light. More of our feathered friends are moving through on their journeys toward their winter homes. Deer are herding up: coats browning, antlers growing, fawns so much bigger now. It’s so dry here; leaves are already falling steadily from some trees. The creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes levels continue to drop and some are almost completely dry. After such a wet year last year, this feels even more drastic.

Migrations: many species migrate as a regular and key part of their existence. Climate change is like a pendulum swinging farther to the extremes and there is extremely noticeable change of many species due to this. The refugee crisis around the world is tied into the effects of climate change on humans and the thought that humans don’t migrate is absurd. As a species we have long (probably always) migrated even if the reasons may appear different. There are many other species who are adjusting in a positive way and there is always much we can learn from other beings.

Separation and unity are two opposite experiences for us as humans. Separation is often tied in with the fear based us against them perspective. Unity is what most of us are actually seeking: a belonging and feeling of being known and accepted and loved. But in our current culture and society, these two are often woven together in a warped way, so people unite around a sports teams or school or country but take it to an extreme with a fear based us against them perspective. We already belong, it’s being able to remember and know that we belong to this greater whole that is key.

Part of my mission is to help people experience unity and belonging as part of nature, part of the larger organism of Gaia and this multiverse. I am forever thinking of “when I walk” sentences as I try to put into words the powerful beyond words experience every time I take a walk. But, all those sentences boil down to: when I walk I know I am part of the whole. And while walking is one way I experience unity and belonging as part of nature, another way is to experience heart to heart connections with other beings. Whenever I work with a new client for a companion animal session, there is an added layer of joy-aha-pure life when a person experiences that heart to heart level with their companion animal(s). The newfound awareness of unity, belonging, connection is profound.


Heat, White Supremacist Terrorists, and Creating Change

Our donkey friends were such lovely silhouettes in the dawn.

Our donkey friends were such lovely silhouettes in the dawn.

We’re almost at the halfway point between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox. It’s another hot summer. The National Weather Service issued a report in July showing that here in Charlottesville the average number of days above 90 is 21, and by mid July we’d already had 39. Yes, almost double, and that was still in July. This is also another summer of white supremacist terrorist attacks. It’s been two years since the attack in Charlottesville and the numbers (all of whom have names and are not merely the numbers it feels they have become) of blacks and people of color who have been murdered continue to rise. Until we face the past, acknowledge that our current systems were built upon white supremacy, and still maintain and promote white supremacy, we will continue to experience mass horrors and atrocities.

What does any of this have to do with the energy realm?

Part of my purpose in this life is to explore and help others explore how we are part of the whole, this whole multiverse. A key piece of this perspective is recognizing that choosing a path that harms others is a path that ultimately harms you, too, because you and others are actually parts of the whole and thus, all one.

Knowing yourself energetically and knowing how you fit into the whole is powerful and empowering. When we dive in for a guided meditation, yes, I am guiding you, but you are the one exploring and experiencing yourself in different ways and in different realms. You are the one gleaning new perspectives and insights. By knowing yourself and how you fit into the whole, you are able to see where and how things need to change and you are able to use your specific gifts and skills to create change and help the whole.

A case in point about using your gifts to create change: in case you didn’t check Layla F. Saad out before, please do. Her work is amazing and not only life changing, but world changing! Her book will be out in February.

As we head toward the equinox and the energy of balance that comes with it, it’s a great time for a session on any topic, aspect of self, or area of your life that could benefit from some balancing. Schedule HERE or contact me HERE.

Equinox Thoughts on Balance

Vernal Equinox Dawn

Vernal Equinox Dawn

I’ve always got a lot to say about balance, and today is the equinox which is all about balance, so here are a few snippets.

Balance isn’t a destination, it’s an ongoing state of flux. It’s the difference between thinking you are in the river and you will arrive at the ocean and that is the goal, the end, and knowing you are the water, whether the river or the ocean or rain running down the gutter in a storm. When I think about balance, I like to think about how much water is in our physical bodies; over half of our bodies is water. Flow is natural for us to feel and experience as we are already amazing containers for flow. But in today’s fast paced world of instant gratification, many of us have forgotten how to access and experience flow. While flow is most easily associated with water and other liquids, flow can be found in sounds, breathing, physical movement, and more.

Balance and flexibility go hand in hand as it is hard, if not impossible, to find balance if you are not flexible, just as flow is not going to be as easy if you’re like ice, moving reeaally slowly, or moving super fast. It can be an easy shift from the physical body to the mental, emotional, and energy bodies when we’re talking about flexibility, balance, and flow. Our minds tend to lean towards symmetry, but balance doesn’t have to be exact because, remember, it’s not an end goal.

Balance is being the water, not being the captain of a boat on the water. Balance is acknowledging and accepting what you are and are not in control of. Balance is recognizing that you’re swimming and you can move your body in the water, but that ultimately the water is moving you somewhere, too.

Here are a few simple things you can try out for yourself as tools to assist you in finding flow, flexibility, and balance.

  • Breathwork

  • Walking or other physical movement

  • Floating or swimming

  • Listening to music or nature sounds

  • Meditation of whatever form suits you that’s not listed above

While this is by no means the be all and end all on balance (there isn’t one, right?!), it’s another piece of what I like to think is an ongoing dialogue on and exploration of balance. What are your thoughts on balance? I’d love to hear.

~Are You Feeling Part of the Whole?~

sept 6 pic.jpg

I recently had an email exchange with a client that allowed me a different perspective on my own journey and relationship with my intuition. I had happily offered to share some book titles for exploring intuition and then when I went to actually list some titles, I realized just how different my path has been to my current knowing of self and source and how intertwined they are. To me, intuition is being fully in flow with source and thus able to access information that is beyond what we think of as self. Young adult fantasy novels helped me in a huge way (read as an adult) in finding ways of moving with nature and finding my flow within the world. (I know, really!) I feel as though I am at the leading corner of an enormous fabric that stretches out behind me and is woven of all the strands of my experiences leading me to this exact moment. At the same time, I am a tree with branches reaching to the stars and roots that are my experiences providing the nourishment that has led me to my current self. It’s not as though this is any end point, this is all an ongoing experience of being. Maintaining my ability to feel in flow with nature and source is key to maintaining my sanity and ability to move through this world, but so, too, is continued exploration of flow and nature and source.

How do I both maintain and explore? Much of my self-care is both. My gratitude practice maintains my relationship with gratitude and perspective and it’s not a stagnant, detached practice, so it is also an exploration of gratitude and perspective. My walking practice maintains my awareness of my physical self and my physical connection with this planet, and allows me a specific time, space, and place for exploring this physical realm and how/where I am part of the whole. My writing practice creates a specific way and place to unload all the thoughts and feelings that I carry (mine and not mine) which helps me maintain a regular clearing for myself, and also creates a specific way and place for dreams and insights and explorations. I have other self-care practices, but these are my foundation and provide an example of how I am able to both maintain and explore within the same practices.

I will be offering a class to support your own journey into finding your flow within nature and feeling part of the whole. This class is still taking shape, so if this is something that resonates with you, please let me know, especially if there are specifics you are looking for. Details will be coming as the shape becomes clearer.

September Special:

September is a month of transitions and I’d like to provide some support to those of you needing help with one specific issue. The One Issue Session: 30 minutes of guided meditation and conversation. Special price of $35 for this month only. Please email me to book a session.

  • If you’re looking for some clearing or balancing for you and/or your whole family in these intense times, email for a session.
  • If you’re looking for some nature connection in the physical realm, we can arrange a walk’n’talk and get you noticing your surroundings in new ways, email for a session.
  • If you’re looking for some nature connection across the tiny screen in front of you, follow me on Instagram: intuitive_energy_guide and you’ll get views and positive words all in one spot.
  • Dog tricks are an exciting and fun part of my world at the moment with teaching classes and working with Lilly. Be sure to find Doggedly Whole on fb and ig, too. Shared moments of joy with your 4-legged(s) are so healing!

As always I love to hear your thoughts and current reality! Thank you for your continued support and referrals.


Welcome to 2017 ~ Transition ~ A Time for Gentle Kindness

After a year like 2016 where most of us experienced loss of some sort and a roller coaster ride through relationships with self and others, emotions, physical health, and more, many of us are not just tired but exhausted. We are feeling like the ground is still shaking under our feet, heck, many of us feel like we are still shaking! Transition of any sort is a time for kindness to everyone, self and others. And right now, this week, what we all need specifically is gentle kindness.

We are in a stage of reestablishing ourselves in a state of aligned balance. Gentle kindness allows us to be flexible within ourselves and in our relationship with the outer world as well. And gentle kindness brings a quiet, and asks us to listen closely to the inner voices as we tune in more clearly, again, to Source. 2016 rattled our radio stations so much that some of us may be searching from one end of the dial to the other, trying to find that frequency we know is there, that frequency we are already tuned into, but can’t quite hear at the moment.

Let’s ease into this new year, especially as Mercury is still retrograde until the 7th. On that note, here are two exercises for this week.

1) When you’re lying in bed before you go to sleep, or when you’re in the shower, breathe gently in and out, filling your lungs from the lower edges to the tops, and notice what you hear. Listen for the sounds of the outer world and the inner world. Listen for voices, again outer and inner, and notice the dissonance or resonance you feel with the different voices. Allow those you feel dissonance with to flow out on your exhalations. Allow those you feel resonance with to resonate more strongly through your entire structure. Breathe and be you, the amazing light you are.

2) Smile. A lot. Smile to yourself whether you’re looking in a mirror or not. Smile at others whether you know them or not. Every time you smile, you’re changing the vibration.

In numerology 2016, was a year of completions and endings. And 2017 is a year of new beginnings. Let’s start off this year with by getting ourselves ready to receive and engage with new beginnings.


Satisfied clients who resonate with my work are what keep me going. As referrals are by far my biggest and best source for new clients, I am now offering a referral discount. For every new client you send my way, you will receive $15 off your next session with me. Thank you for continuing to spread the word. This newsletter can easily be shared if you think someone might be interested and you can always send them here for more details. I am so grateful for our time together in 2016 and I look forward to 2017. Remember in person sessions are available through January.


November Collaboration ~ Save Yourself from Energy Vampires

As everything is energy, there is a constant flow of energy in and out of our beings. We both give and receive energy in many forms. When we are in a balance point (ongoing, I know) we are receiving as much as we are giving. This sounds like a simple mathematical process, but real life is far from simple. One big energy draining concept to be aware of is energy vampires. Often these are people, but they can also be groups or intangibles like your work or an organization of some sort. I’m sure you know some: those who are needy and take, take, take; people who or situations that leave you exhausted even when you didn’t seem to do much. 

Awareness is always the first step. Once you have noticed who or what drains you completely, who doesn’t energize you, then you can work with boundaries to safeguard yourself. Most of us tend to default to a scarcity pattern of some sort, so it’s easy to think that you don’t want your energy getting sucked out of you because you only have so much energy. A slightly different outlook is that balance in life is more sustainable. So, if you’re too involved with energy vampires of some sort, you may struggle to maintain the receiving end and, thus, are left depleted and always just out of reach of (or even far from) feeling balanced.

Boundaries can be as simple as saying no. Granted, this may take practice, but saying no can go a long way to a more balanced in flow and out flow of energy in your being. Or boundaries can be more involved where you figure out how much of someone or a situation you can take and having a set limit of involvement. Sometimes even removing oneself from an energy sucking situation or person doesn’t actually sever the energetic connection. In times like this, creating a ceremony can help, but this is when getting an energy healing session could be greatly beneficial.

If you are aware, as you’re with someone, that she or he is draining your energy, walk away if possible. If that’s not possible, breathe and picture your breath filling you with a clear, white light that shines out from you in all directions creating a bubble. This white light bubble is an energetic boundary, allowing you to verbally engage with someone while not losing your energy to that person. This is also something you can do ahead of time if you know you will be spending time with an energy vampire.

Energy vampires are not consciously setting out to take other people’s energy. The energy patterns in these people or situations come about from different reasons, but there is often a vacuum or void that needs to be filled. And when it is not properly addressed and released or re-patterned, it is most easily filled by sucking energy from other people.

We all give and receive energy just by existing and as we draw our awareness to where the energy is coming from and where the energy is going, we can step into the role of a true co-creator of life.

Kim's Thoughts

Energy vampires sucking you dry? Here are some tips to help keep you protected when around those hungry folks. To begin with, who am I talking about? When I refer to energy vampires, I’m referring to folks who leave you feeling either depressed, wiped out, or angry after spending time with them. They may be your coworker, a parent or acquaintance, they could even be someone whose company you used to enjoy. ~ Read more

Equinox Horizon Clearing Meditation

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Please join me by phone for a guided meditation clearing your horizons and preparing you for the new season. Whether you make it on the call live or not, you will receive a recording of the meditation for you own use. Let's sink into this balance point of light and dark and feel the support of these energies. To register please go here.