Rectifying My Mistake or Why Work with Me Regularly

Sunrise May 20

Sunrise May 20

I have recently realized that I made a big mistake. I haven’t done a good job of sharing some helpful information about my energy work! As I have expanded my work beyond guided meditations, I’ve found that people receive a different level of support when they regularly work with me. When we work together in a Reading and Clearing, the basis of the session is that I do a reading of your energy and clear what needs to be cleared. Yes, if you have a specific focus, I will work with that, but even if you don’t have anything specific, you’ll still receive the benefits of the work.

I have a client who once described my work as, “Like a drain cleaner. You put them in and there’s a clog and they drip through little by little until they break at the clog until it’s gone. And I feel like that’s how you use your energy and enable all of us to use our energy that way, too.”

Often when working via guided meditation, clients need help with a major block or finding a new perspective and in only one session massive transformation occurs and we’re done! With the reading and clearing work, I help you maintain a clearer energy structure along the way rather than just working when in more of a crisis situation. It also means that if/when you do have a bigger issue to focus on, the guided meditation is even more potent since you and your energy are in shape, so to speak, from regular clearing.

Have you tried a Reading and Clearing session? Want to see how regular energy work will benefit you? I am offering a special package rate for the solstice season. From now until the end of June: $280 for 3 Reading and Clearing sessions (all sessions must be completed by July 31). Do you have questions? Please ask me! Want to schedule? Contact me or schedule here!

~Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart~

It doesn't matter how much you study, read, or converse on the big topics of life, change, meditation, wisdom, if you can't find a way to bring these concepts into this physical plane and live them, it’s all a rather moot point. I still consider myself quite the greenhorn at this human being thing, yet I know that over the last 5 years I have been drawing more and more of these ideas into my body in new ways.
With my walking practice, I laugh at how I am walking my talk rather literally. And while I'm laughing, I also continue to be amazed by the solidity I feel as I embody these esoteric and etheric concepts. Some of the impetus for this new class, Bridge the Gap, comes from newfound clarity around the tools that have been strongest and most helpful as I link the energetic with the physical and embody these metaphysical concepts. The journey of the class will include some of these tools as well as in depth exploration:

  • of your current state
  • of both old and new boundaries, paths, patterns
  • mapping new terrain through both inner and outer realms
  • finding support when bridging the gap

All from the comfort of your own home, you’ll receive 2 emails weekly which will include 1 recorded guided meditation, and have access to a designated online space where all class members are free to comment on the content, practices and their own experiences, and engage in dialogue. All class participants will also receive a special discount for private sessions with me during the 4 weeks of the class. If you’re ready to manifest your desire, then this class is for you. Please REGISTER HERE. We’re getting started this Sunday, May 7th. And if you know anyone who might be interested in the class, thanks in advance for sharing this blog with them.
One of the key aspects of my work is not just guiding you into your heart space, but really helping you to shift your awareness to this heart center perspective. The EMF (electromagnetic field) of the heart is 5,000 times greater than the EMF of the brain. And just from a scientific point of view, that’s a huge amount of energy (information in motion) available! There is no throne for the ego in the heart space. You get a totally different sense of existence.
The most basic of ways to shift your attention from your head to your heart is to place your hand on your sternum. To begin with you’ll want to have your eyes closed. But after you’ve worked with this and are aware of your shift into your heart center, try it with your eyes open. Notice if your breathing changes. Often just by placing your hand on your heart, your breath will change; typically a bigger and deeper breath is the body’s first response. Just add this into your day wherever you can: lying in bed before you go to sleep, in your regular meditation practice, before you eat a meal. And start to pay attention to this new sense of awareness, this new perspective of yourself and the world.
At the end of a session I always check in to see how the client is feeling. The most common response is, “I’m very relaxed,” followed by more details. If you need or want to experience some deep relaxation, email me today for a 30 minute session. Maybe you want to relax after a hard week or maybe you want to try something different and start your week from a relaxed state. Either way, I’m happy to help. Let’s make that happen!
You are whole, just as you are.

~ It's Time to Choose Something Different ~

The energies of April may be wild, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t support for you. There is massive support right now for you to choose an option you have never chosen before. I keep hearing from clients and friends alike that they are making new, foundation level choices. Maybe you’re noticing this week that it’s a little easier to see options where you couldn’t see them before. The full moon has helped clear out some of the residual stuff, whatever and wherever you’ve been working on your inner journey, and your filters and perspectives are shifting. Just yesterday I spoke to four people who all had something to share about changes in deep level choices.
With the arrival of spring and days already stretching longer with light, there is a natural increase in the speed of life. You might feel like your calendar is filling up super quickly. A new relationship with self-care is a great place to try something different. Maybe that means you’re going to aim for 30 minutes every week that is dedicated to you in whatever shape that may take. Perhaps you’re feeling like 5 minutes a day of creative drawing or word play is what feels right. I recommend you pull out your calendar, grab a colored pen, and mark out some time for self-care.
If you want to try something new and need some support in that endeavor, I’m happy to help. Please email me and let’s make that happen!
And don’t forget I’m offering two free guided meditations that are designed to make some self-care easy for you. Shifting from Fear to Love is from 8-8:30pm on Tuesday the 18th. Deep Relaxation for You and Your Critters is from 8-8:30pm on Tuesday the 25th. Details and registration for both meditations are HERE.
Thank you for inviting your friends and sharing the word!

May you know you are light.

Brief Energy Clearing Exercise

Are you feeling heavy and tired? Is your mind running unnecessary commentary on your every breath? Close your eyes, breathe in so your breath reaches the edges of your physical body, breathe out all the heavy, dark, murky stuff. Breathe in a soft pink light that fills you to the edges of your physical body and shines out into your energy bodies. Breathe out any remaining gunk that is not serving you in the now. Repeat as needed with the pink light filling you on your inhalation and the stuff that’s not beneficial carried off on the exhalation. ~ This is especially nice to do when you lie down in bed at night, freeing you to find more restful sleep. Did you give it a try? How do you feel?

Equinox Horizon Clearing Meditation

Free Guided Meditation

By Phone

Thursday, September 22


Please join me by phone for a guided meditation clearing your horizons and preparing you for the new season. Whether you make it on the call live or not, you will receive a recording of the meditation for you own use. Let's sink into this balance point of light and dark and feel the support of these energies. To register please go here.