Part of the Whole

Heat, White Supremacist Terrorists, and Creating Change

Our donkey friends were such lovely silhouettes in the dawn.

Our donkey friends were such lovely silhouettes in the dawn.

We’re almost at the halfway point between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox. It’s another hot summer. The National Weather Service issued a report in July showing that here in Charlottesville the average number of days above 90 is 21, and by mid July we’d already had 39. Yes, almost double, and that was still in July. This is also another summer of white supremacist terrorist attacks. It’s been two years since the attack in Charlottesville and the numbers (all of whom have names and are not merely the numbers it feels they have become) of blacks and people of color who have been murdered continue to rise. Until we face the past, acknowledge that our current systems were built upon white supremacy, and still maintain and promote white supremacy, we will continue to experience mass horrors and atrocities.

What does any of this have to do with the energy realm?

Part of my purpose in this life is to explore and help others explore how we are part of the whole, this whole multiverse. A key piece of this perspective is recognizing that choosing a path that harms others is a path that ultimately harms you, too, because you and others are actually parts of the whole and thus, all one.

Knowing yourself energetically and knowing how you fit into the whole is powerful and empowering. When we dive in for a guided meditation, yes, I am guiding you, but you are the one exploring and experiencing yourself in different ways and in different realms. You are the one gleaning new perspectives and insights. By knowing yourself and how you fit into the whole, you are able to see where and how things need to change and you are able to use your specific gifts and skills to create change and help the whole.

A case in point about using your gifts to create change: in case you didn’t check Layla F. Saad out before, please do. Her work is amazing and not only life changing, but world changing! Her book will be out in February.

As we head toward the equinox and the energy of balance that comes with it, it’s a great time for a session on any topic, aspect of self, or area of your life that could benefit from some balancing. Schedule HERE or contact me HERE.

Current Energies, Transformation, and Bears, Oh My!

July dawn beam. Just like food is the original medicine, self-care is energetic nourishment.

July dawn beam. Just like food is the original medicine, self-care is energetic nourishment.

The eclipse season starts tomorrow with the new moon total solar eclipse (visible in South America) and Mercury goes retrograde on Sunday. It’s not just getting hot outside, the inner realms are getting hot, too! I’ve been experiencing lots of shifts on all layers and feel like June couldn’t possibly have been so full when it flew by so fast. There’s much about completion right now from deaths to jobs to personal patterns to karmic patterns. I’m seeing it in others, hearing it from others, and experiencing doozy level completions myself. If you’re interested in seeing what resonates for you in the current astrology, check here to see the astrologers I follow.

Last week I had a brief but clear dream full of nonhuman animals, with the closest and most prominent being a large bear sitting in front of me staring at me. I felt no fear, just a very matter of fact sense of being in the presence of a bear. The following morning Lilly and I met a friend for an early morning hike where we saw a huge bear walking down the trail towards us. We stopped, bear stopped. And eventually the bear turned around and walked back down the trail with one pause and glance over the shoulder at us before disappearing around the curve. We waited a bit before proceeding along the trail. The bear had left the trail at some point and we neither saw nor heard any more from a bear on our hike. For this to occur in the space of deep transformation I am currently experiencing feels potent. It is summer and I normally see lots of wildlife, but the past month has been rich with wildlife. Typically I don’t feel that the nonhuman creatures I see or hear are messengers, it’s more that they remind me of the webs within which we exist, and the similarities and differences among all of us as parts of the whole. Especially in a time of transformation, the support that I feel from so many reminders helping me remember and know I am part of the whole is priceless and affirming.

How are you currently navigating and/or experiencing life?

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Current Energies

June sunrise glow

June sunrise glow

It’s been an interesting roll from May into June. In mid May intense despair moved in, but even while experiencing it, I was aware of how different it was. I was depressed for a number of years and my experience of depression was being dragged into an abyss of despair and being stuck there. This recent despair was a presence in my energy body. I felt constricted with a sense of pressure from all directions, and I struggled to be me in every moment. I used all my skills working with this despair and it was just lodged there; there was no moving anything. And then after almost two weeks of this, I could suddenly feel it moving. It dissipated and flowed out of me over a 24 hour period. And that was when I realized just how much of my space it had been taking up. I was expanded into my whole self again. I could actually feel flashes of hope again.

I’m now in the midst of deep transformation with insights popping up right and left and all sorts of shedding going on. That despair was definitely a part of this transformation: setting me up for the different, the new, and reminding me of how much space I have that is mine to fill. This transformation feels specifically related to old, unhealthy patterns of perception of self, being human, love, and relating to other humans. Piece of cake, right?!

Today is a new moon and we’re only weeks away from the summer solstice. The days are stretching so long. There is so much light we can easily access. What seeds are you planting? What old blossoms are you releasing to the winds?

Here are two takes on the current energies that resonate with me.

May you know you are whole.

May you know you are part of the whole.

May you know you are light.

Timing, Rhythms, and Paths

Blue grosbeak

Blue grosbeak

When you pay attention to timing, rhythms, and paths, you find where you intersect with others. On our morning walks this is literal. While the time of our walk shifts with the light throughout the year, it’s a pretty gradual shifting most of the time. Who do we intersect with? Four deer cross our path at the same spot for much of the year. Grasshopper sparrows and meadowlarks are in the same areas of field and fence as we pass by from spring through fall. The adult foxes have slightly more variable rhythms but we often see one or know one has just crossed our path. This year the blue grosbeaks are nesting close to our path and this morning we got to see the male in a display with head feathers spiked, tail feathers dragging the ground, and wings moving slowly out and in as the female watched from the fence. He was just ahead of us and didn’t seem perturbed by us. We stopped to watch (just as we stop for the deer to cross) and he eventually flew up to where the nest seems to be. For me, awareness of where I intersect with others who are wild(er than I) really helps me know I am part of the whole. I can feel my part in the symphony of life. Who are you intersecting with and where?