Current Energies

June sunrise glow

June sunrise glow

It’s been an interesting roll from May into June. In mid May intense despair moved in, but even while experiencing it, I was aware of how different it was. I was depressed for a number of years and my experience of depression was being dragged into an abyss of despair and being stuck there. This recent despair was a presence in my energy body. I felt constricted with a sense of pressure from all directions, and I struggled to be me in every moment. I used all my skills working with this despair and it was just lodged there; there was no moving anything. And then after almost two weeks of this, I could suddenly feel it moving. It dissipated and flowed out of me over a 24 hour period. And that was when I realized just how much of my space it had been taking up. I was expanded into my whole self again. I could actually feel flashes of hope again.

I’m now in the midst of deep transformation with insights popping up right and left and all sorts of shedding going on. That despair was definitely a part of this transformation: setting me up for the different, the new, and reminding me of how much space I have that is mine to fill. This transformation feels specifically related to old, unhealthy patterns of perception of self, being human, love, and relating to other humans. Piece of cake, right?!

Today is a new moon and we’re only weeks away from the summer solstice. The days are stretching so long. There is so much light we can easily access. What seeds are you planting? What old blossoms are you releasing to the winds?

Here are two takes on the current energies that resonate with me.

May you know you are whole.

May you know you are part of the whole.

May you know you are light.

Summer Solstice and a Full Moon

June has been surging along and it’s the solstice already. Maybe you already have a ritual or ceremony for the balance points of earth and sun or maybe you don’t. Marking these 4 days of the year is something I’ve put some focus on in recent years and have found comfort and joy in doing so. Your celebration doesn’t need to be big or fancy or anything specific; it just needs to feel right for you.

This year’s solstice is strengthened by a full moon which is typically all about releasing. The energies around this full moon solstice feel like a quick turnaround of releasing and planting all at once. I’ve been spending some time these last few days letting some intentions form at the back of my mind and sifting through them to hone them down to what feels right. I often write down my intentions and gratitudes for clarity and then I speak them aloud as part of a ceremony, sending them out into the ether. With the full moon on this solstice, I’ll go outside after dark for my solstice prayers.

My (rough) definition of a blessing is using the power of words to draw together and bring our awareness to the forces greater than us for the good of all in a specific moment. I do so love a blessing. So here is my summer solstice blessing for us all.

We call on Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Storm
We call on Sun and Moon
We call on our fellow animals and plants
We call on the virtues of compassion, peace, joy, and love
Here in this moment with all the joys and all the sorrows of this world
We release all that does not serve us
We feel the Love that streams through us always
We remember that we are all One
We plant this intention* now and open to Creation

*Focus on or put into words whatever your intention may be for this powerful moment of the solstice.

May you know you are loved and may you know you are Love.