What to Do When Your House Won't Sell

May is turning to June, and the real estate market is moving from the rush of spring sales to the summer lull. Is your house still on the market? Are you asking, “What can I do when my house won’t sell?”

Have folks come for a showing but no one puts in an offer? Or does it feel like there’s no interest at all? While it may seem that your house is merely a physical structure for you and a place to store your things, you also have an energetic connection to your house. If the connecting lines aren't clear and unencumbered, it makes it difficult to sell. I help with getting a house sold. We work on clearing the energetic connections you have with the house, so the right buyer can make it their home.

A recent client hadn’t had anyone even looking. There was a showing of the house within a day of our session together…which came with an offer...and the house closed a few weeks later.

Interested in a session? Email me or schedule here.

Rectifying My Mistake or Why Work with Me Regularly

Sunrise May 20

Sunrise May 20

I have recently realized that I made a big mistake. I haven’t done a good job of sharing some helpful information about my energy work! As I have expanded my work beyond guided meditations, I’ve found that people receive a different level of support when they regularly work with me. When we work together in a Reading and Clearing, the basis of the session is that I do a reading of your energy and clear what needs to be cleared. Yes, if you have a specific focus, I will work with that, but even if you don’t have anything specific, you’ll still receive the benefits of the work.

I have a client who once described my work as, “Like a drain cleaner. You put them in and there’s a clog and they drip through little by little until they break at the clog until it’s gone. And I feel like that’s how you use your energy and enable all of us to use our energy that way, too.”

Often when working via guided meditation, clients need help with a major block or finding a new perspective and in only one session massive transformation occurs and we’re done! With the reading and clearing work, I help you maintain a clearer energy structure along the way rather than just working when in more of a crisis situation. It also means that if/when you do have a bigger issue to focus on, the guided meditation is even more potent since you and your energy are in shape, so to speak, from regular clearing.

Have you tried a Reading and Clearing session? Want to see how regular energy work will benefit you? I am offering a special package rate for the solstice season. From now until the end of June: $280 for 3 Reading and Clearing sessions (all sessions must be completed by July 31). Do you have questions? Please ask me! Want to schedule? Contact me or schedule here!

Why Take Deep Relaxation for You and Your Critters?

Lilly sleeps

Lilly sleeps

This class is for you whether or not you:

  • have worked with me

  • are already aware of your deep connection with your critter(s)

  • have worked with an animal communicator

This class is for you if you are:

  • interested in my cross species work

  • looking for insight on something specific with your critter(s)

What the class talk will cover:

  • the basics of energy

  • how we’re all connected

  • types of communication

  • why relaxation is so important in life

What the class guided meditation will include:

  • an energy level exploration of self, critter(s), and the lines connecting you all

  • basic clearing

  • accessing deep relaxation

The critters already know about this level of connection that I share and use in my work. During or after an initial session, they are often saying some variation of, “I’m so glad you figured this out!” or “Duh, what took you so long?” depending on the individual’s character traits, while the humans are experiencing a different level of connection and communication with the nonhumans.

Here are a couple of examples of the shifts this work can support:

"Our rescue pup was having trouble settling during the day. Although we provided chew toys, walks, playtime, and bones for him to chew, he had a strong tendency to gnaw on anything & everything else in the home. After working with Elizabeth, our pup became noticeably calmer and willing to sit with the family instead of heading to other parts of the house to chew on furniture, books, blankets, etc. The shift(s) and clearing of energy that Elizabeth is able to tap into in people & / or their pets really does work and the impact on our family has been quite noticeable. We are now all able to coexist and our family has the benefit of sitting calmly without concern that the pooch will head off to another part of the house to chew a chair leg, etc." --V.W.

“I had two half-sibling indoor cats, each fourteen years old. One was forever gregarious and a darling. The other, a female, was always extremely shy and skittish. She disappeared into the basement whenever a stranger entered the house. She ran when I walked into the room. I wasn’t allowed to touch, so she hadn’t been to the vet in twelve years. I was sad but passive about having no relationship with an animal who shared my home. We were strangers living side by side.

I learned of Elizabeth’s services and called. I know it sounds like an evangelical miracle but the morning after our single telephone session I was lying on the floor rubbing Alice’s tummy. Thereafter she was happier, I was happier. I don’t know if Elizabeth’s skills worked on the cat or on me, but the result was real. If you have an animal or a relationship that needs improvement, I recommend Elizabeth without reservation.” --J.C.

You will receive a recording of the call, so you’ll have access whether you can make it live or not. Interested? Have questions, ask! You can REGISTER HERE.

Intense Times: Finding Support

We are currently experiencing some intense times, again. Astrologically there’s a fair amount going on and if you are looking for some insights and resonance, check here:

These energies magnify our individual issues, but we all seem to be feeling the same level of intensity. I have been experiencing despair as I haven’t felt it in years. And while it’s hard, I’m very aware of just how different I am now, and how much better I am at knowing what is self and what is non-self. This is allowing me to experience the despair as waves that move through me and out of me. Previously, I could only get overwhelmed by and stuck in the despair. I find that I am ever more grateful for and clear on what helps me maintain awareness of my connection with source.

It’s spring, so my feathered allies are everywhere, whether migrating through or arriving for the next several months. Each bird view and song is like a vibration in my core where I can feel these birds are me; we are source. I am also ultra aware of the difference between quantity human contact and quality human contact. Now is a time when quality human contact can really make a big difference for you. Support is ever present, we just have to remember to search for it.

If you need help finding that support, contact me for a session! We can work together to clear away the murk and debris to open up the heart to heart lines that connect all of life.

Clearing Connections

trees in sky

Lately, I’ve been aware of an extra active mental state. My mental body defaults to override overrule in harder or more intense times and I’ve been noticing this old pattern trying to overwhelm the balance I move in, towards, through on a daily basis. But one of the interesting benefits of this is that I have flashes of insight when I’m not even looking for them. I got a good one the other day. I’m always listening closely to the words clients use when they talk about working with me. I know that how I perceive my work is not always the same way clients perceive my work. (Major part of this human experience, right?!) I talk about perspectives a lot and I know that clearing is a good way to define much of the work that I do, sort of the umbrella of my work. I also talk about how the heart to heart connections we have with all of life are the basis of my work. But, I hadn’t really seen it as actually clearing those heart to heart connections. Basically, I help you clear connections. Look at that, a short sentence to describe my work!

Many folks immediately go to chakras when they think of energy work. My work is coming from a different perspective and the base is that we are all part of the whole. We’re all connected to each other and to all of life. These connections can get fuzzy, clogged, skewed, and need attention. Clearing is the mainstay of this work, but just experiencing the perspective of these heart to heart connections is powerful. While I do some chakra work, more often I draw on elements, higher harmonics, and rays.

That being said, Spring Cleaning: the Energy Level is a phone class doing just that. We’ll be clearing the connections between you and the house, the house and the land, you and the land, as well as the house structure itself, and the land itself. I didn’t specify previously, but this class will be recorded, so if you’re interested but busy on April the 9th from 7-8pm, you can still take the class via the recording. Know someone who’s selling their house, just moved, renovating or just wants something different in current life? Share this class with them. Your house is your foundation and this clearing work will ripple into all aspects of your life. Register!