Clearing Connections

trees in sky

Lately, I’ve been aware of an extra active mental state. My mental body defaults to override overrule in harder or more intense times and I’ve been noticing this old pattern trying to overwhelm the balance I move in, towards, through on a daily basis. But one of the interesting benefits of this is that I have flashes of insight when I’m not even looking for them. I got a good one the other day. I’m always listening closely to the words clients use when they talk about working with me. I know that how I perceive my work is not always the same way clients perceive my work. (Major part of this human experience, right?!) I talk about perspectives a lot and I know that clearing is a good way to define much of the work that I do, sort of the umbrella of my work. I also talk about how the heart to heart connections we have with all of life are the basis of my work. But, I hadn’t really seen it as actually clearing those heart to heart connections. Basically, I help you clear connections. Look at that, a short sentence to describe my work!

Many folks immediately go to chakras when they think of energy work. My work is coming from a different perspective and the base is that we are all part of the whole. We’re all connected to each other and to all of life. These connections can get fuzzy, clogged, skewed, and need attention. Clearing is the mainstay of this work, but just experiencing the perspective of these heart to heart connections is powerful. While I do some chakra work, more often I draw on elements, higher harmonics, and rays.

That being said, Spring Cleaning: the Energy Level is a phone class doing just that. We’ll be clearing the connections between you and the house, the house and the land, you and the land, as well as the house structure itself, and the land itself. I didn’t specify previously, but this class will be recorded, so if you’re interested but busy on April the 9th from 7-8pm, you can still take the class via the recording. Know someone who’s selling their house, just moved, renovating or just wants something different in current life? Share this class with them. Your house is your foundation and this clearing work will ripple into all aspects of your life. Register!