Why Take Deep Relaxation for You and Your Critters?

Lilly sleeps

Lilly sleeps

This class is for you whether or not you:

  • have worked with me

  • are already aware of your deep connection with your critter(s)

  • have worked with an animal communicator

This class is for you if you are:

  • interested in my cross species work

  • looking for insight on something specific with your critter(s)

What the class talk will cover:

  • the basics of energy

  • how we’re all connected

  • types of communication

  • why relaxation is so important in life

What the class guided meditation will include:

  • an energy level exploration of self, critter(s), and the lines connecting you all

  • basic clearing

  • accessing deep relaxation

The critters already know about this level of connection that I share and use in my work. During or after an initial session, they are often saying some variation of, “I’m so glad you figured this out!” or “Duh, what took you so long?” depending on the individual’s character traits, while the humans are experiencing a different level of connection and communication with the nonhumans.

Here are a couple of examples of the shifts this work can support:

"Our rescue pup was having trouble settling during the day. Although we provided chew toys, walks, playtime, and bones for him to chew, he had a strong tendency to gnaw on anything & everything else in the home. After working with Elizabeth, our pup became noticeably calmer and willing to sit with the family instead of heading to other parts of the house to chew on furniture, books, blankets, etc. The shift(s) and clearing of energy that Elizabeth is able to tap into in people & / or their pets really does work and the impact on our family has been quite noticeable. We are now all able to coexist and our family has the benefit of sitting calmly without concern that the pooch will head off to another part of the house to chew a chair leg, etc." --V.W.

“I had two half-sibling indoor cats, each fourteen years old. One was forever gregarious and a darling. The other, a female, was always extremely shy and skittish. She disappeared into the basement whenever a stranger entered the house. She ran when I walked into the room. I wasn’t allowed to touch, so she hadn’t been to the vet in twelve years. I was sad but passive about having no relationship with an animal who shared my home. We were strangers living side by side.

I learned of Elizabeth’s services and called. I know it sounds like an evangelical miracle but the morning after our single telephone session I was lying on the floor rubbing Alice’s tummy. Thereafter she was happier, I was happier. I don’t know if Elizabeth’s skills worked on the cat or on me, but the result was real. If you have an animal or a relationship that needs improvement, I recommend Elizabeth without reservation.” --J.C.

You will receive a recording of the call, so you’ll have access whether you can make it live or not. Interested? Have questions, ask! You can REGISTER HERE.

Overeager Greeters: When Jumping for Joy at People *Isn’t* the Greeting You Want from Your Dog

Bryn is politely waiting for the approach of a human he knows.

Bryn is politely waiting for the approach of a human he knows.

Puppies are adorable and small…so when they are exuberantly jumping all over you and your friends, you probably aren’t thinking about what happens to that behavior when they get bigger and the jumping on you and your friends becomes jumping on or at *all* people and how that can head toward dangerous territory. Your puppy isn’t going to read your mind if you suddenly get upset and expect new behavior for greeting people. You need to create the behavior you want from your full sized dog now, not later. Food motivated dog? Great, that’s what you can use to reinforce the new behavior. If your dog loves people, you have another reinforcer already built into this situation: actually getting to be with the people (but in a way that is safe for everyone).

Where do you start? The many ways a dog can politely greet people can look different, but the common denominator is that all of your dog’s feet will be on the ground. One of the easiest ways to make sure your dog’s feet stay on the ground is to place the reward, food, on the ground or floor. It’s hard to bend down and eat while jumping on people! This is just the beginning, but you have to start somewhere, right? If you need help with an overeager greeter, contact me and we’ll get the specifics lined up and create the behavior you want now, not later.

~The Rest of Lilly’s Name and Inner Tectonic Plates Have Shifted~

Since Lilly arrived a little more than a year ago, we have been on many swimming outings. She loves to swim for her squeaky ball, and is far easier on her body in the water than she is scrambling madly on the earth. Most of her swims are at public lakes which means there are usually other people around. She draws attention with her exuberance, powerful launching, and serious focus. And she has a following; people of all ages and sorts are fascinated by her. Just this weekend we were out for her swim and a couple strolling around the lake came to a halt to watch her. When we did a few practice launches from the dock, the man sat down, pulled out his phone and videoed her launches, smiling the whole time. The couple sat and watched her swim for at least 10 or 15 minutes and thanked me when they left. Just like when people tell me she’s beautiful and I reply, “Lilly says thank you,” when people thank me for getting to watch her swim, I say, “Lilly is glad you’ve enjoyed it.” She was just over 2 years old when she came to me and there was never any question of changing her name, but I did discover in the last month that there is more to her name. She is Lilly, Bringer of Joy.

This past year with Lilly has been one of deep level growth for both of us. Since late winter, I have had continued messages that June would be a pivotal month for me, personally, and for my business. No details, just a knowing that there is a new unfolding occurring. Last Monday, not even June yet, things started shifting in the physical plane, and this past week has given me a peek into what this month will be like: exciting with a new flow, clarity, and light. I am still grounded in this being, this time, this planet, but my tectonic plates have shifted, especially with the transformation experiences in May. I continue to feel as though my ability to connect with other humans, previously something that was far harder than connecting with other species, is opening wide. Thanks to Lilly, Bringer of Joy, I am more aware of my connections with all beings. My years of gratitude practice and this year with Lilly are the foundation for this new more solid experience of the double helix flow of gratitude and joy, an experience of being one with source that Naisha Ahsian describes in her Crystal Ally Cards.

With the solstice coming up this month, we’re in the stretch of the longest days of the year. The colors of the world are rich and layered. The plants and animals are full of life. There is always powerful energy to connect with on this planet. Remember to connect to source, Gaia, the stars, breathe, and be you.

Lilly and I invite you to expand into yourself, your already whole light self, and experience the joy and gratitude flow of life. As always, I am here to support you. Please email to schedule a session. If you want to try something different, I have limited availability for walking sessions. These can be especially helpful if you seek a new perspective and/or feel as though you whole body could benefit from a sacred earth connection. Also if you’re on instagram, you can now find me at intuitive_energy_guide.     


~Bringing Light to Death~Transitions~


There is an aspect of my work that is harder to share because death is a topic we often shy away from talking about. But, today I want to bring light to this area of my work because it is important, and I want you to know about it. Back when the only work I did with companion animals was massage, I started noticing that people specifically called on me for hands on work with their dying dogs. After a few times, I sat with this and explored what this meant for me. I realized that I could offer both the humans and the 4-legged making the transition something different. And the first experience I was honored to have supporting a dog during his transition, was so powerful and felt so right, that I knew this was something to follow. The first dog I supported at his actual passing was Gunnar, a much loved and kind fellow. I will never forget that his first response to me checking in with him was to make sure I helped his people since they needed me more than he did. Love at the core and love in its core.

When I’m working with extremely ill or dying animals, I’m there as support for the energetic structure of their beings during the transition out of this physical plane. What does this look like? Each session is unique because each being is unique, but the general outline of the session looks like this. I announce myself and ask permission to be present. I ask if there’s anything specific she or he wants or needs from me. I ask if there is anything she or he wants or needs to share with her or his human(s). As you can see these are pretty open questions and thus, the difference in the sessions has to do with the responses. Afterwards, I write up notes of the dog or cat’s response to me and what images or messages or other beings showed up during the session and email this all to the human(s). I strive to always be open to magic, yet I continue to be amazed by the power of these experiences and the bright lights that shine at the inner core of our companion animals no matter their presence in the physical plane or not.

With the terminally ill companion animals, the work is often more supportive of clearing any stuck connections allowing the critter and the human to have clarity around the actual transition, and there is often work to relieve any pain during this time, too.

It’s almost been a year since I said good-bye to Dixie, my Australian Shepherd. And while I miss her presence by my side, the experience I had as she breathed her last breath at the vet’s office was so profound and powerful that it is what I am aware of more than missing her. She was my sister and teacher, and my work with the heart to heart connections between beings might not even be my work if not for her. As I sat with her head in one hand, the other hand resting on her side, I felt her fill my heart. She left her old, falling apart physical body behind, and once freed from it her energetic self was stronger and I could feel our connection, our merging, from and within the heart space. This is one of those times when words are too limiting to convey the experience, but in the simplest of terms, I felt her move, from a separate being connected to my heart, straight into my heart as her full residence fully as one with me.

While I love words, I also love the aspect of my work that is beyond words. Part of the experience on my end working with both humans and their companion animals that is so rewarding and amazing, is creating and holding the space for the awareness of this communication beyond words and allowing it to occur and be received. This piece of supporting beings in their transition out of the physical plane is closely related to this powerful space of that which is beyond words. I find that the humans who request this work from me feel the power, too. I am the conduit of the information and the human who reads it finds resonance.

Don’t forget it’s not too late to sign up for Bridge the Gap. We just started yesterday. Please sign up HERE.

A big thank you for your continued support: reading these newsletters, working with me, and sharing the newsletters and your experiences working with me with other people. I always love to hear from you, whether it’s your response to a newsletter or what’s going on in your world. Thanks for staying in touch!

Know you are light, and shine!


~ Research Time & Card for the Week ~

I don’t know about you, but that solar eclipse on February 26th was intense for me. I am still feeling the echoes. There’s been so much going on in my inner being that I feel like the processing, adjusting, re-centering, and re-balancing may never end. For now, I’m focusing on being here, breathing, and being me.

In the midst of all this, I have been feeling a strong push to focus more on my work with companion animals. So, I am doing some research on families that include critter pals. If this is you and you are will to have a conversation with me about your whole family, I would love to hear from you. This is in no way a sales pitch. This is just me delving into the multispecies family. My goal is to talk to 100 people, so if you know others you think might be willing to talk with me, please pass the information along. These conversations will be no more 30 minutes, and recorded so that I can sift through the words and find the nuggets that are repeated and those that shine the brightest. Details and scheduling can be found here.                                               

~ Card for the Week ~

Our internal clocks are about to get upset with the arrival of Daylight Savings Time this weekend. I have found that just like with leaping time zones in air travel, getting yourself outside in the sun each day, preferably moving, really helps the physical body adjust. In addition I’ve drawn a card for us from the Liquid Crystal Oracle deck: Imperial Topaz with the key words Confident Manifestation. This stone is “the voice of the universal Sun” and its main color rays are gold which feels so supportive with this shift in time and daylight. Also, “In times of depletion, Topaz can restore the self, acting like a battery, providing a backup energy reserve.” The animal totem for Topaz is the cheetah. With these winds still blowing strong and the golden yellow light of late winter shining brightly, the cheetah, who runs with the wind and is golden, feels very appropriate. While it might be easy to feel bowled over by the cheetah, instead think of riding or becoming the cheetah for those short bursts when things are moving fast and you need some help. Topaz is always a positive presence and the affirmation feels important: “I confidently create my World.”

As you adjust to Daylight Savings Time and everything else that is going on around you and even inside of you, remember I am here to support you. I often see the same issues presenting from many clients. This week I’m seeing breathing, upper heart/chest/back as a repeating theme. Does this resonate with you? Or are you noticing something different? Hands-on energy work is available in person and by phone, in addition to my work via guided meditation. Email me at to schedule an appointment.


My Multispecies Family Part II

Because for some reason in this life of mine companion animals find me before I necessarily even know I am looking for one, Lilly, dog, appeared a week after I said good-bye to Dixie, and moved in less than a week after that. Lilly and I are well connected at this point, and from the beginning it has been clear to me that she is here to raise my frequency. Lilly’s world view is still growing by leaps and bounds since joining us. But at base I’d say she’s full of joy that she’s got her own human, and she’s still a little confused as to why there’s a cat. (We’re working on the occasional jealousy she shows when I’m doing something with Laurens.) I’m extremely grateful that Laurens is a large cat in a domesticated cat’s body because he doesn’t put up with Lilly if she’s being pushy, and she does respect him when he tells her off. (His dagger clawed swipes are well placed and his hisses mean business.) So these days Laurens still knows I am his loving mama, but that other end of the triangle is someone who needs to be taught how to love a cat. So he rubs up against her every few days or so and she continues to be baffled by this. These days work on the balance of our triangle is an every single day practice. We might have started in different places, but we are all growing together. Please share below where you multispecies family is in its growth cycle.

My Multispecies Family Part I

Laurens, cat, and Dixie, dog, grew up together. Laurens found me at a dumpster when he was 6 months old, and we’d only been together for 4 or 5 months when Dixie arrived. Laurens is a large cat (think lion or tiger) in a domesticated cat’s body. Dixie was a sweet, joyful Australian Shepherd (with a tail) who came to us at 4 months old with hip dysplasia so bad in both hips that her hind legs were crossed when she stood and her spine was one big arch. She got around with most her weight on her front legs, peeing was like a yoga balance pose where her hind legs just hovered off the ground while her front legs did all the work. The world view Laurens had for a long time was that I was his loving mama and Dixie was his dog who was nice and fun. The world view Dixie had was that I was her sister, she was here to teach me from her place by my side, and that Laurens was her friend and a cat. The triangle we three made up wasn’t exactly an equilateral one, but we maintained a comfortable balance for almost 14 years together. These days our triangle is very different…tune in tomorrow for the changes since losing one point of our triangle back in May. Please share below what your multispecies family is like.

Some Thoughts on Gifts from My Dogs

My Australian Shepherd, Dixie, was an amazing gal. She dropped into my lap in a rather simple fashion and we ended up spending almost 14 years together. Saying good bye to her in May was sad, but it could not have been clearer when she was ready to leave. Living from a space of gratitude has allowed me to really feel the layers of life and I continue to be in awe of all there is to be grateful for in regards to Dixie and what she taught me and brought to my world. We did obedience classes, then agility classes, and eventually competed in agility. We met with good friends, both 2-legged and 4-legged, at the dog park and hiked regularly with some of those same friends. We played ball. We took walks in the field with our cat. We knew our own rhythms and how those individual rhythms wove together into team rhythms. We were sisters at heart and she led the way and supported me in my journeys into the energy work I do today.

Lately, I am extremely grateful for Dixie helping me to know how important it is just to be when you are getting to know someone new. Lilly, a 2 year old Border Collie, dropped into my life in an extremely synchronous fashion about 2 months ago. I got rather sick in the first week after she arrived and we spent a couple of days lying in bed just resting. She’d been under some stress before joining me and she needed just to sleep as much or more than I needed to sleep with my fever. Since then we’ve taken long walks, played ball on land and in water, gone to meet 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds to hike and swim together, and learned how to learn. But the down time when we both just sit or lie next to each other is at the core of the two of us figuring out our rhythms and how they can fit together. One thing Lilly is clearly here to teach or remind me is that stepping (or falling as it often feels like) into that space of trust can allow things to happen at lightning speed. I know that any imaginings I have of our future together are nowhere near as awesome as they will be.

The companions of other species, whether we choose them or they choose us, completely enrich our lives. Just the other day I said to a friend that anyone who needs to smile or laugh, should just get a cat or a dog, or at least find one to hang out with. The joy and love that they bring to the world is immeasurable. I’m not sure I could find an end to a list of gratitudes for my companion animals, so I make sure to say my thanks with regularity to my pals whether they are still by my side or are now in my heart.