Intense Times: Finding Support

We are currently experiencing some intense times, again. Astrologically there’s a fair amount going on and if you are looking for some insights and resonance, check here:

These energies magnify our individual issues, but we all seem to be feeling the same level of intensity. I have been experiencing despair as I haven’t felt it in years. And while it’s hard, I’m very aware of just how different I am now, and how much better I am at knowing what is self and what is non-self. This is allowing me to experience the despair as waves that move through me and out of me. Previously, I could only get overwhelmed by and stuck in the despair. I find that I am ever more grateful for and clear on what helps me maintain awareness of my connection with source.

It’s spring, so my feathered allies are everywhere, whether migrating through or arriving for the next several months. Each bird view and song is like a vibration in my core where I can feel these birds are me; we are source. I am also ultra aware of the difference between quantity human contact and quality human contact. Now is a time when quality human contact can really make a big difference for you. Support is ever present, we just have to remember to search for it.

If you need help finding that support, contact me for a session! We can work together to clear away the murk and debris to open up the heart to heart lines that connect all of life.

~Are You Feeling Part of the Whole?~

sept 6 pic.jpg

I recently had an email exchange with a client that allowed me a different perspective on my own journey and relationship with my intuition. I had happily offered to share some book titles for exploring intuition and then when I went to actually list some titles, I realized just how different my path has been to my current knowing of self and source and how intertwined they are. To me, intuition is being fully in flow with source and thus able to access information that is beyond what we think of as self. Young adult fantasy novels helped me in a huge way (read as an adult) in finding ways of moving with nature and finding my flow within the world. (I know, really!) I feel as though I am at the leading corner of an enormous fabric that stretches out behind me and is woven of all the strands of my experiences leading me to this exact moment. At the same time, I am a tree with branches reaching to the stars and roots that are my experiences providing the nourishment that has led me to my current self. It’s not as though this is any end point, this is all an ongoing experience of being. Maintaining my ability to feel in flow with nature and source is key to maintaining my sanity and ability to move through this world, but so, too, is continued exploration of flow and nature and source.

How do I both maintain and explore? Much of my self-care is both. My gratitude practice maintains my relationship with gratitude and perspective and it’s not a stagnant, detached practice, so it is also an exploration of gratitude and perspective. My walking practice maintains my awareness of my physical self and my physical connection with this planet, and allows me a specific time, space, and place for exploring this physical realm and how/where I am part of the whole. My writing practice creates a specific way and place to unload all the thoughts and feelings that I carry (mine and not mine) which helps me maintain a regular clearing for myself, and also creates a specific way and place for dreams and insights and explorations. I have other self-care practices, but these are my foundation and provide an example of how I am able to both maintain and explore within the same practices.

I will be offering a class to support your own journey into finding your flow within nature and feeling part of the whole. This class is still taking shape, so if this is something that resonates with you, please let me know, especially if there are specifics you are looking for. Details will be coming as the shape becomes clearer.

September Special:

September is a month of transitions and I’d like to provide some support to those of you needing help with one specific issue. The One Issue Session: 30 minutes of guided meditation and conversation. Special price of $35 for this month only. Please email me to book a session.

  • If you’re looking for some clearing or balancing for you and/or your whole family in these intense times, email for a session.
  • If you’re looking for some nature connection in the physical realm, we can arrange a walk’n’talk and get you noticing your surroundings in new ways, email for a session.
  • If you’re looking for some nature connection across the tiny screen in front of you, follow me on Instagram: intuitive_energy_guide and you’ll get views and positive words all in one spot.
  • Dog tricks are an exciting and fun part of my world at the moment with teaching classes and working with Lilly. Be sure to find Doggedly Whole on fb and ig, too. Shared moments of joy with your 4-legged(s) are so healing!

As always I love to hear your thoughts and current reality! Thank you for your continued support and referrals.


~The Rest of Lilly’s Name and Inner Tectonic Plates Have Shifted~

Since Lilly arrived a little more than a year ago, we have been on many swimming outings. She loves to swim for her squeaky ball, and is far easier on her body in the water than she is scrambling madly on the earth. Most of her swims are at public lakes which means there are usually other people around. She draws attention with her exuberance, powerful launching, and serious focus. And she has a following; people of all ages and sorts are fascinated by her. Just this weekend we were out for her swim and a couple strolling around the lake came to a halt to watch her. When we did a few practice launches from the dock, the man sat down, pulled out his phone and videoed her launches, smiling the whole time. The couple sat and watched her swim for at least 10 or 15 minutes and thanked me when they left. Just like when people tell me she’s beautiful and I reply, “Lilly says thank you,” when people thank me for getting to watch her swim, I say, “Lilly is glad you’ve enjoyed it.” She was just over 2 years old when she came to me and there was never any question of changing her name, but I did discover in the last month that there is more to her name. She is Lilly, Bringer of Joy.

This past year with Lilly has been one of deep level growth for both of us. Since late winter, I have had continued messages that June would be a pivotal month for me, personally, and for my business. No details, just a knowing that there is a new unfolding occurring. Last Monday, not even June yet, things started shifting in the physical plane, and this past week has given me a peek into what this month will be like: exciting with a new flow, clarity, and light. I am still grounded in this being, this time, this planet, but my tectonic plates have shifted, especially with the transformation experiences in May. I continue to feel as though my ability to connect with other humans, previously something that was far harder than connecting with other species, is opening wide. Thanks to Lilly, Bringer of Joy, I am more aware of my connections with all beings. My years of gratitude practice and this year with Lilly are the foundation for this new more solid experience of the double helix flow of gratitude and joy, an experience of being one with source that Naisha Ahsian describes in her Crystal Ally Cards.

With the solstice coming up this month, we’re in the stretch of the longest days of the year. The colors of the world are rich and layered. The plants and animals are full of life. There is always powerful energy to connect with on this planet. Remember to connect to source, Gaia, the stars, breathe, and be you.

Lilly and I invite you to expand into yourself, your already whole light self, and experience the joy and gratitude flow of life. As always, I am here to support you. Please email to schedule a session. If you want to try something different, I have limited availability for walking sessions. These can be especially helpful if you seek a new perspective and/or feel as though you whole body could benefit from a sacred earth connection. Also if you’re on instagram, you can now find me at intuitive_energy_guide.     


Free 15-Day Gratitude Challenge

Join me for an exploration of gratitude and the creation of new patterns in your entire being.

Starts August 14th!

What this challenge includes:

  • daily emails sparking your awareness of gratitude
  • the confidential space to reply with your own list of gratitudes
  • access to a special and focused space where the support of gratitude can grow
  • details on the layers of gratitude and what a daily practice can bring you over time
  • the opportunity to create new patterns of awareness, thinking, and being

If you're looking for a new rhythm or pattern in your brain, in the way you're living, in your being, this is the spot to try one out.


Testimonial from JMU professor Toni Whitfield:

"Participating in gratitude practice has been very fulfilling for me personally. Elizabeth suggested this practice at a low time in my life when I was filled with negative energy and negative thoughts due to frustrations with goal setting and personal pain management issues. This negativity began interfering with my personality and my relationships. Since practicing my daily gratitude, I have improved my overall outlook on life, become more accepting of frustrations and tribulations and learned more about my positive self. As an added perk, I am building relationships with folks who have good days and bad days and we are good at holding each other up just through the simplicity of our words using the simplest channel: email. I won’t lie; it’s hard at first—to think of something to be grateful for every day is a challenge in the beginning and sometimes on low days or ones filled with pain, it’s really difficult. It’s not a rant or a lot of 'bitching' and no judgment...but thoughtful ways to find something to be grateful for every day."


Some Thoughts on Gifts from My Dogs

My Australian Shepherd, Dixie, was an amazing gal. She dropped into my lap in a rather simple fashion and we ended up spending almost 14 years together. Saying good bye to her in May was sad, but it could not have been clearer when she was ready to leave. Living from a space of gratitude has allowed me to really feel the layers of life and I continue to be in awe of all there is to be grateful for in regards to Dixie and what she taught me and brought to my world. We did obedience classes, then agility classes, and eventually competed in agility. We met with good friends, both 2-legged and 4-legged, at the dog park and hiked regularly with some of those same friends. We played ball. We took walks in the field with our cat. We knew our own rhythms and how those individual rhythms wove together into team rhythms. We were sisters at heart and she led the way and supported me in my journeys into the energy work I do today.

Lately, I am extremely grateful for Dixie helping me to know how important it is just to be when you are getting to know someone new. Lilly, a 2 year old Border Collie, dropped into my life in an extremely synchronous fashion about 2 months ago. I got rather sick in the first week after she arrived and we spent a couple of days lying in bed just resting. She’d been under some stress before joining me and she needed just to sleep as much or more than I needed to sleep with my fever. Since then we’ve taken long walks, played ball on land and in water, gone to meet 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds to hike and swim together, and learned how to learn. But the down time when we both just sit or lie next to each other is at the core of the two of us figuring out our rhythms and how they can fit together. One thing Lilly is clearly here to teach or remind me is that stepping (or falling as it often feels like) into that space of trust can allow things to happen at lightning speed. I know that any imaginings I have of our future together are nowhere near as awesome as they will be.

The companions of other species, whether we choose them or they choose us, completely enrich our lives. Just the other day I said to a friend that anyone who needs to smile or laugh, should just get a cat or a dog, or at least find one to hang out with. The joy and love that they bring to the world is immeasurable. I’m not sure I could find an end to a list of gratitudes for my companion animals, so I make sure to say my thanks with regularity to my pals whether they are still by my side or are now in my heart.