Heart to Heart Connection

Seeking Unity on This Journey

Yellow Mountain dawn gloaming

Yellow Mountain dawn gloaming

August flew by with busy days and the steadily lengthening dark. Our early morning walks are shifting, bit by bit, with the light. More of our feathered friends are moving through on their journeys toward their winter homes. Deer are herding up: coats browning, antlers growing, fawns so much bigger now. It’s so dry here; leaves are already falling steadily from some trees. The creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes levels continue to drop and some are almost completely dry. After such a wet year last year, this feels even more drastic.

Migrations: many species migrate as a regular and key part of their existence. Climate change is like a pendulum swinging farther to the extremes and there is extremely noticeable change of many species due to this. The refugee crisis around the world is tied into the effects of climate change on humans and the thought that humans don’t migrate is absurd. As a species we have long (probably always) migrated even if the reasons may appear different. There are many other species who are adjusting in a positive way and there is always much we can learn from other beings.

Separation and unity are two opposite experiences for us as humans. Separation is often tied in with the fear based us against them perspective. Unity is what most of us are actually seeking: a belonging and feeling of being known and accepted and loved. But in our current culture and society, these two are often woven together in a warped way, so people unite around a sports teams or school or country but take it to an extreme with a fear based us against them perspective. We already belong, it’s being able to remember and know that we belong to this greater whole that is key.

Part of my mission is to help people experience unity and belonging as part of nature, part of the larger organism of Gaia and this multiverse. I am forever thinking of “when I walk” sentences as I try to put into words the powerful beyond words experience every time I take a walk. But, all those sentences boil down to: when I walk I know I am part of the whole. And while walking is one way I experience unity and belonging as part of nature, another way is to experience heart to heart connections with other beings. Whenever I work with a new client for a companion animal session, there is an added layer of joy-aha-pure life when a person experiences that heart to heart level with their companion animal(s). The newfound awareness of unity, belonging, connection is profound.