What to Do When Your House Won't Sell

May is turning to June, and the real estate market is moving from the rush of spring sales to the summer lull. Is your house still on the market? Are you asking, “What can I do when my house won’t sell?”

Have folks come for a showing but no one puts in an offer? Or does it feel like there’s no interest at all? While it may seem that your house is merely a physical structure for you and a place to store your things, you also have an energetic connection to your house. If the connecting lines aren't clear and unencumbered, it makes it difficult to sell. I help with getting a house sold. We work on clearing the energetic connections you have with the house, so the right buyer can make it their home.

A recent client hadn’t had anyone even looking. There was a showing of the house within a day of our session together…which came with an offer...and the house closed a few weeks later.

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