A New Year With New Rhythms

Lately I find new rhythms everywhere, from my physical pulses to the wing beats of birds. It's a new year and while focusing my awareness on opening to infinite possibilities, everything is new. Just before the turn of the year I was thinking about 2013 and what the year would be for me and I realized it will be a year of richer colors and multiple dimensions. Only twelve days into this year and I am already experiencing richer colors and multiple dimensions. I'm feeling good about 2013!

With my work (a quick aside--while work has many negative connotations in today's world, I think of the meaning as an act, action or process) every session is new. Even if  I use the same or similar tools from my energy toolkit, I'm constantly learning from the 4-leggeds and 2-leggeds alike. There is no way to repeat anything when you bring time into the picture, but even without time, patterns are always on the move. Whether assisting a 4-legged, and the rest of that interspecies family, with the transition from the physical plane to new realms, or sharing with a 2-legged the experience of the energetic connection that exists between all living beings, there is wonder that I am here doing this. I sense changes occurring on the level of light and vibration and I continue to learn how this relates to the physical plane. One thing I do know for sure, magic is the here and now.