The Owls Are Talking And I Am Listening

Last evening I stepped out on the deck after dark to listen for the owl I had just heard from inside the house. I was delightfully surprised to hear not one owl, but four great horned owls! I stood still staring up at the starry sky and listened with wonder to the owls. One pair sounded like a mated pair with the noted difference in pitch associated with a female, higher pitched, and a male, slightly lower pitched. There was not a notable difference in pitch with the other pair, so perhaps they were just stating their territory. Listening to these tones floating out into the darkness, sometimes overlapping, sometimes in sync, sometimes perfectly spaced out, was one of those moments outside time. A moment where I felt the calls enter my physical body and change me.

The sounds and sights of the world surrounding me are part and parcel of me. I am open to them and they do not just surround me, they move through me. I find that the soft shh shhh shh shhhshhshhhshsh of canada geese wings as they alight on the earth is a vibration that calms me. The way the melding colors of the sunrise play across my skin and slide into me is nourishment for my cells. The westerly breeze of a cold front tickles into my ears and is a song of freshness.

The owls remind me of the many dimensions that are within reach of this physical plane we exist on. And I am reaching for them now.