~Solstice Blessing~

Just past midnight tonight is the official solstice point. If you pay attention to the actual sunrise and sunset times, you’ll see that we have several days of almost the same amount of light. And it’s so much light! With the new season, I want to get the word out on some upcoming events.

**Love Fest Mindful Mornings at Ix Art Park

June 24-25 9:30-11am

I will be leading a Joy & Gratitude meditation at 9:30 on Sunday. This is a free event, so please join me.

**The Elderberry

July 25 and August 22 4-6pm

I will be offering free mini-sessions focusing on the heart to heart connection between you and your companion animals. If you have a specific issue or just want to deepen the connection with your pet, join me for a 15 minute one on one guided meditation.

September (dates to be announced)

I will be offering 3 classes on Energy Healing for You and Your Pets. Details coming soon.

**I also want to share that I am now offering dog walking services in Crozet. 30 minute midday walks for those dogs who need to get out and move. I will also happily toss in some tricks clicker training if dogs need some extra brain work. Just like we need physical and mental exercise, our dogs do, too! (Lilly and I have been working on some new dance moves. Keep an eye out on instagram for some looks at her tricks; I’ll be posting some soon.) If you don’t live in Crozet, but know someone who does, thank you for passing along my information!

**Real estate season is in full swing and I just want to remind you that my work can support the sale or purchase of your house. Two weeks ago I had a 30 minute session with a client who had put her house on the market and was feeling really anxious about everything. Within a week of our session she had a contract on the house. Together we can create the energetic space for movement in your real estate world.

**Walking this earth that I am part of (especially as every morning I am out as the light expands filling in the colors and filling me) is a sacred act. Should you want to experience this sacred space of walking that which you are part of, please email me for details. I am always honored to support you in finding a heart-centered perspective in a phone session, if that’s what you’re looking for. Just let me know how I can help.

~Solstice Blessing~

Long days of light with short, very dark nights

as the moon wanes almost to new.

Feel the rhythms of breath, birth, death

shift around you and within you.

Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Storm

all are light.

May you know you are light.

May you feel the light you are overflowing as you expand into your whole being.

Summer has arrived in you.


~A Time of Blossoming: News, Visibility, and Light~

The summer solstice is almost here and there is new life everywhere: fox kits romping at their den, eaglet stretching wings on the nest, tadpoles growing their legs, bees busy on the milkweed as it blooms. Perhaps because I was born near the winter solstice, perhaps because of my deep knowing that I am a part of this magnificent planet, I find the summer solstice to be a time of blossoming on all levels. There is growth and motion inside of me that is expanding out to manifest in the physical world. And I am allowing the growth and motion of the world around me to seep into me, both changing and sustaining me. Part of this blossoming is a connecting more completely with the light that I am, the light that we all are. With days that stretch long, filled with light, I welcome that added support. With this deepening remembrance of my light being, comes an old resistance to being seen. Last Friday’s full moon gave me an extra boost to release more of that old resistance, and let my light shine unheeded by my previously created (some from other lifetimes) shields and buffers. As is the way when in flow with source, an opportunity for wider visibility appeared this spring, and I am excited to announce that I am featured in the psychic profile in the June issue of Awareness Magazine (page 50 if you go looking).  

I have been feeling a little push and pull around a solstice celebration and am not sure what form it may take. If you are interested in one, I would love to hear if you’d rather have one in person or by phone or maybe even a Facebook Live. As the solstice is officially on the 21st at 12:24 am EDT, the celebration could be either the 20th or 21st. Please email (elizabeth@elizabethbain.net) me with your preferences and we’ll see what grows out of this.

Walking this earth that I am part of (especially as every morning, I am out as the light expands filling in the colors and filling me) is a sacred act. Should you want to experience this sacred space of walking what you are part of, please email me for details. I am always honored to support you in finding a heart-centered perspective in a phone session, if that’s what you’re looking for. Just let me know how I can help.

Each moment you spend outside in this light, breathe, and allow the light to fill you, and bring your awareness to the light you are.  



~The Rest of Lilly’s Name and Inner Tectonic Plates Have Shifted~

Since Lilly arrived a little more than a year ago, we have been on many swimming outings. She loves to swim for her squeaky ball, and is far easier on her body in the water than she is scrambling madly on the earth. Most of her swims are at public lakes which means there are usually other people around. She draws attention with her exuberance, powerful launching, and serious focus. And she has a following; people of all ages and sorts are fascinated by her. Just this weekend we were out for her swim and a couple strolling around the lake came to a halt to watch her. When we did a few practice launches from the dock, the man sat down, pulled out his phone and videoed her launches, smiling the whole time. The couple sat and watched her swim for at least 10 or 15 minutes and thanked me when they left. Just like when people tell me she’s beautiful and I reply, “Lilly says thank you,” when people thank me for getting to watch her swim, I say, “Lilly is glad you’ve enjoyed it.” She was just over 2 years old when she came to me and there was never any question of changing her name, but I did discover in the last month that there is more to her name. She is Lilly, Bringer of Joy.

This past year with Lilly has been one of deep level growth for both of us. Since late winter, I have had continued messages that June would be a pivotal month for me, personally, and for my business. No details, just a knowing that there is a new unfolding occurring. Last Monday, not even June yet, things started shifting in the physical plane, and this past week has given me a peek into what this month will be like: exciting with a new flow, clarity, and light. I am still grounded in this being, this time, this planet, but my tectonic plates have shifted, especially with the transformation experiences in May. I continue to feel as though my ability to connect with other humans, previously something that was far harder than connecting with other species, is opening wide. Thanks to Lilly, Bringer of Joy, I am more aware of my connections with all beings. My years of gratitude practice and this year with Lilly are the foundation for this new more solid experience of the double helix flow of gratitude and joy, an experience of being one with source that Naisha Ahsian describes in her Crystal Ally Cards.

With the solstice coming up this month, we’re in the stretch of the longest days of the year. The colors of the world are rich and layered. The plants and animals are full of life. There is always powerful energy to connect with on this planet. Remember to connect to source, Gaia, the stars, breathe, and be you.

Lilly and I invite you to expand into yourself, your already whole light self, and experience the joy and gratitude flow of life. As always, I am here to support you. Please email to schedule a session. If you want to try something different, I have limited availability for walking sessions. These can be especially helpful if you seek a new perspective and/or feel as though you whole body could benefit from a sacred earth connection. Also if you’re on instagram, you can now find me at intuitive_energy_guide.     


~Redefining Self through Transformation~

Everyday there are a multitude of experiences we repeat. Much of life is a stream of events that are not new. We easily slide through our days in that routine of expecting exactly what has happened before without realizing that we’re expecting and relying on all those repeated events. The earth turns all the time providing us with sunrises and sunsets every day. We get up, eat, and go about our day with so many regularly scheduled happenings that we can’t even single them out. But, sometimes we are shaken from that routine and our response to being out of the routine has the potential to be a point of transformation.

Two times in the last month I have woken up in the morning and had an experience of not knowing. Not knowing who I am, what I am, where I am, what I am doing. It’s only a flash, but I am suspended in a space of being without the connections or attachments with my physical, emotional, and mental bodies. In this pause, I am purely the energy or spiritual me that is always aware of being one with source. It feels like a deep level reset. The first time it happened, it stayed with me for days and I felt aware of this new me. This morning I woke up to a similar experience. Not exactly the same, but still a suspended moment without those connections to my bodies other than my energy or spiritual body. Again, there is a feeling or knowing that deep level beliefs and patterns have been cleared. And here I am, feeling more like me, but in a way I never could have imagined.

I receive information intuitively most often through clairsentience which is clear knowing. So, the information does not come in visually or aurally or through physical sensations. One way of describing it is that it’s sort of like I have an open line to a reference librarian who provides me with a whole chunk of information as a whole chunk. The information is often delivered in a ninja-like move that is too fast and stealthy for me to notice. When I studied with Anastasia Gourley, an animal communicator, I spent a lot of time exploring this clairsentience and how to receive and interact with it. There was quite a bit of learning to discern the edge of what is me thinking something versus knowing it from source. These experiences of waking up as a new me, feel like clairsentience except I get a moment to experience before or within the ninja-like delivery.

Things are rippling out from these deep level resets into the rest of me and my life, and seemingly disparate aspects of self are suddenly cohesive. Are you experiencing shifts in your inner core? Are you looking for support creating something new within yourself? Let’s find new perspectives and shake up the default patterns within you to open to transformation. Please contact me to schedule a session.

Be you!


~Expectations, Shmexpectations: Growth and Transformation~

Rockfish Gap Sunset

~Remember to Be Kind to Yourself~

Just this week I’ve watched three fox kits alternately romping and resting by their den, and I’ve seen the eaglet, almost a fledgling now, flapping her/his wings about, preening, and moving around the nest. At the same time, the blue birds are about to start on their second brood of the season and it’s time to start planting some of the annuals as we near the end of our frost date range. Growth happens at different times and different speeds across all aspects of life. And we tend to have old, inner voices that leap into action and set random expectations, criticize, and judge which can make growth horribly uncomfortable and flat out despairing. Expectations are often the blinders that shape our view. In the last week I’ve had two specific incidents where I was aware of expectations or assumptions limiting the view. I was at a Kris Kristofferson concert and as I sat down, the woman next to me said hello. And I replied. She then said, “Do you even know who Kris Kristofferson is?” I was rather startled but, calmly responded that I do know who he is. She continued to speak coming from what seemed to be a view that only people just like her would have any desire to be at this show. I maintained a lightness and kindness in my response but may have slightly shaken up her perspective. And the other day when I took Lilly swimming, I made assumptions about a person at the park. I was aware of my assumptions but got a push from our interaction to drop those assumptions. She spoke to me as I was putting Lilly back in the car, and we had a lovely conversation where she told me, “I just loved watching her swim to get that ball!” Thanks to Lilly, I got the clear message that these expectations our minds like to create limit our experience of the fullness of life. I have been reminded numerous times and in numerous ways, lately, that kindness to self or others can be a balm to many a situation. And being kind to ourselves regarding our own growth on any level is so helpful. By being kind to ourselves as we’re busy here, being human, perfect in our imperfections, we are nurturing ourselves and supporting that growth.

I am aware of lots of transformation going on right now for people, transformation in all areas and levels of our lives and beings. I’m hearing from clients, friends, and even random human interactions just how much is changing now. Shifting into that heart centered perspective of love and connection with Source, supports and allows continued transformation. So, breathe, settle into your heart space, and be the light you are! Know that I am here when you need support and a space for really reaching into your core, your heart center. Please email me to schedule a session.

Know you are light, and shine!


~Bringing Light to Death~Transitions~


There is an aspect of my work that is harder to share because death is a topic we often shy away from talking about. But, today I want to bring light to this area of my work because it is important, and I want you to know about it. Back when the only work I did with companion animals was massage, I started noticing that people specifically called on me for hands on work with their dying dogs. After a few times, I sat with this and explored what this meant for me. I realized that I could offer both the humans and the 4-legged making the transition something different. And the first experience I was honored to have supporting a dog during his transition, was so powerful and felt so right, that I knew this was something to follow. The first dog I supported at his actual passing was Gunnar, a much loved and kind fellow. I will never forget that his first response to me checking in with him was to make sure I helped his people since they needed me more than he did. Love at the core and love in its core.

When I’m working with extremely ill or dying animals, I’m there as support for the energetic structure of their beings during the transition out of this physical plane. What does this look like? Each session is unique because each being is unique, but the general outline of the session looks like this. I announce myself and ask permission to be present. I ask if there’s anything specific she or he wants or needs from me. I ask if there is anything she or he wants or needs to share with her or his human(s). As you can see these are pretty open questions and thus, the difference in the sessions has to do with the responses. Afterwards, I write up notes of the dog or cat’s response to me and what images or messages or other beings showed up during the session and email this all to the human(s). I strive to always be open to magic, yet I continue to be amazed by the power of these experiences and the bright lights that shine at the inner core of our companion animals no matter their presence in the physical plane or not.

With the terminally ill companion animals, the work is often more supportive of clearing any stuck connections allowing the critter and the human to have clarity around the actual transition, and there is often work to relieve any pain during this time, too.

It’s almost been a year since I said good-bye to Dixie, my Australian Shepherd. And while I miss her presence by my side, the experience I had as she breathed her last breath at the vet’s office was so profound and powerful that it is what I am aware of more than missing her. She was my sister and teacher, and my work with the heart to heart connections between beings might not even be my work if not for her. As I sat with her head in one hand, the other hand resting on her side, I felt her fill my heart. She left her old, falling apart physical body behind, and once freed from it her energetic self was stronger and I could feel our connection, our merging, from and within the heart space. This is one of those times when words are too limiting to convey the experience, but in the simplest of terms, I felt her move, from a separate being connected to my heart, straight into my heart as her full residence fully as one with me.

While I love words, I also love the aspect of my work that is beyond words. Part of the experience on my end working with both humans and their companion animals that is so rewarding and amazing, is creating and holding the space for the awareness of this communication beyond words and allowing it to occur and be received. This piece of supporting beings in their transition out of the physical plane is closely related to this powerful space of that which is beyond words. I find that the humans who request this work from me feel the power, too. I am the conduit of the information and the human who reads it finds resonance.

Don’t forget it’s not too late to sign up for Bridge the Gap. We just started yesterday. Please sign up HERE.

A big thank you for your continued support: reading these newsletters, working with me, and sharing the newsletters and your experiences working with me with other people. I always love to hear from you, whether it’s your response to a newsletter or what’s going on in your world. Thanks for staying in touch!

Know you are light, and shine!


~Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart~

It doesn't matter how much you study, read, or converse on the big topics of life, change, meditation, wisdom, if you can't find a way to bring these concepts into this physical plane and live them, it’s all a rather moot point. I still consider myself quite the greenhorn at this human being thing, yet I know that over the last 5 years I have been drawing more and more of these ideas into my body in new ways.
With my walking practice, I laugh at how I am walking my talk rather literally. And while I'm laughing, I also continue to be amazed by the solidity I feel as I embody these esoteric and etheric concepts. Some of the impetus for this new class, Bridge the Gap, comes from newfound clarity around the tools that have been strongest and most helpful as I link the energetic with the physical and embody these metaphysical concepts. The journey of the class will include some of these tools as well as in depth exploration:

  • of your current state
  • of both old and new boundaries, paths, patterns
  • mapping new terrain through both inner and outer realms
  • finding support when bridging the gap

All from the comfort of your own home, you’ll receive 2 emails weekly which will include 1 recorded guided meditation, and have access to a designated online space where all class members are free to comment on the content, practices and their own experiences, and engage in dialogue. All class participants will also receive a special discount for private sessions with me during the 4 weeks of the class. If you’re ready to manifest your desire, then this class is for you. Please REGISTER HERE. We’re getting started this Sunday, May 7th. And if you know anyone who might be interested in the class, thanks in advance for sharing this blog with them.
One of the key aspects of my work is not just guiding you into your heart space, but really helping you to shift your awareness to this heart center perspective. The EMF (electromagnetic field) of the heart is 5,000 times greater than the EMF of the brain. And just from a scientific point of view, that’s a huge amount of energy (information in motion) available! There is no throne for the ego in the heart space. You get a totally different sense of existence.
The most basic of ways to shift your attention from your head to your heart is to place your hand on your sternum. To begin with you’ll want to have your eyes closed. But after you’ve worked with this and are aware of your shift into your heart center, try it with your eyes open. Notice if your breathing changes. Often just by placing your hand on your heart, your breath will change; typically a bigger and deeper breath is the body’s first response. Just add this into your day wherever you can: lying in bed before you go to sleep, in your regular meditation practice, before you eat a meal. And start to pay attention to this new sense of awareness, this new perspective of yourself and the world.
At the end of a session I always check in to see how the client is feeling. The most common response is, “I’m very relaxed,” followed by more details. If you need or want to experience some deep relaxation, email me today for a 30 minute session. Maybe you want to relax after a hard week or maybe you want to try something different and start your week from a relaxed state. Either way, I’m happy to help. Let’s make that happen!
You are whole, just as you are.

~Let's Make Magic in My New Class: Bridge the Gap~

April morning

April morning

I am excited to announce a brand new class! Are you stuck somewhere? Unhappy with your job? Anxious all the time? Want to move? Do you know what you want? If you want to be, do, or feel something different, this is the class for you. We’ll map your inner realms and Bridge the Gap with your outer reality. If you’re ready to explore your current self and life, so that you can manifest something new, then this class is for you. From the comfort of your home you can join me since this class is by email. Details are HERE. Early bird pricing lasts through April 30th: $40. Register now! Please email me with any questions.                          

We’re in our final week of April and I chose (and am still choosing) to laugh when the sway bar on my car broke…a foundation level change even for my car. Are you still noticing foundation level changes?

It feels like a good time for a card for the week. I pulled out Steven Farmer's Earth Magic oracle cards since we've just had Earth Day. The card that pops up is Eagle with the key word Communion. Notice the moments when you share in deep ways with others. You might even take a moment during your week to create a space for an exchange of some spiritual feelings. Remember that exchange can be a communing with nature, not just other humans. And look for eagles this week! I am so grateful for the pair who nest up the road from my home. If anyone ever wants an eagle sighting, I'd be happy to host a brief eagle visit. Just let me know. Be sure to look at the photo above...do you see the cloud eagle?

Don’t forget Deep Relaxation for You and Your Critters, the free guided meditation this Tuesday, the 25th, from 8-8:30pm. Register HERE. And invite your friends!

If you want to try something new and need some support in that endeavor, I’m happy to help. Please email me and let’s make that happen!

You are whole, just as you are.


~ It's Time to Choose Something Different ~

The energies of April may be wild, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t support for you. There is massive support right now for you to choose an option you have never chosen before. I keep hearing from clients and friends alike that they are making new, foundation level choices. Maybe you’re noticing this week that it’s a little easier to see options where you couldn’t see them before. The full moon has helped clear out some of the residual stuff, whatever and wherever you’ve been working on your inner journey, and your filters and perspectives are shifting. Just yesterday I spoke to four people who all had something to share about changes in deep level choices.
With the arrival of spring and days already stretching longer with light, there is a natural increase in the speed of life. You might feel like your calendar is filling up super quickly. A new relationship with self-care is a great place to try something different. Maybe that means you’re going to aim for 30 minutes every week that is dedicated to you in whatever shape that may take. Perhaps you’re feeling like 5 minutes a day of creative drawing or word play is what feels right. I recommend you pull out your calendar, grab a colored pen, and mark out some time for self-care.
If you want to try something new and need some support in that endeavor, I’m happy to help. Please email me and let’s make that happen!
And don’t forget I’m offering two free guided meditations that are designed to make some self-care easy for you. Shifting from Fear to Love is from 8-8:30pm on Tuesday the 18th. Deep Relaxation for You and Your Critters is from 8-8:30pm on Tuesday the 25th. Details and registration for both meditations are HERE.
Thank you for inviting your friends and sharing the word!

May you know you are light.

~3 Simple Tips for Self-Care in this Upheaval~

Our foundations are shaking in all the current worldwide upheaval. What I’m hearing from people is that fear is a constant companion with worries about everything from job and housing security to concern for the planet and water. We are inundated with dire news and there doesn’t seem to be any space for just being. Even getting the sleep we need is hard right now. In response to this, I’m offering Shifting from Fear to Love, a free guided meditation, by phone Tuesday, April 18th from 8-8:30pm. Details and sign up are HERE.
In the meantime, here are three ways you can create a pause in your day for some straightforward self-care.
Breath work: Take at least one pause during your waking hours to close your eyes and breathe at least 5 deep breaths. Nothing fancy here, just deep breaths filling all of your lungs. Getting in some full breaths can shift your nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (resting and homeostasis central). This is good! You might fit this in while you're in the shower, or in your car before you turn it on. We’re talking about a minute or so. If you can manage two or three breaks for breath work in a day, you will notice an even bigger difference. Don’t be surprised if after 5 breaths, you don’t want to stop. Listen to your body and your inner voice.
Intentional Walking: Whether your job is sedentary or not, we still take short walks during the day: to the bathroom, to the car, to a store, etc. Take the time on one of those short walks to move a little more slowly than you might normally, and put some intention behind each footstep. Feel all of your feet, from heel to toes, really connecting to the earth. Feel that your feet are part of your whole being, more than just your physical body. Feel that when you focus on your connection to the planet, you can feel that you are a part of the whole cosmos, not separate.
Heart Space Connection: The electromagnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times greater than the electromagnetic field of the brain. Let's read that again: 5,000 times greater! We spend most of our time in our brain. An easy way to practice shifting into the heart space and that bigger electromagnetic field is to close your eyes and place one hand on your heart. Again this is nothing fancy, your hand is on your heart and you’re going to focus on the space in your chest. And notice what this feels like. Is it hard to focus on this space? What does this space look and feel like for you? This can be done any time of day, but the easiest place to start might be lying in bed when you awake and just before you go to sleep.

Quick Favor

I am ever grateful to each of you who is interested in my work. Energy work is often still a little out there for people, and word of mouth is the clearest way people find me. So, I have a favor to ask of you: could you please scan your brain for 3 people you know who might be interested in my work? And invite those 3 people to Shifting from Fear to Love, the free guided meditation next Tuesday the 18th. Sign up is HERE. It's a great way for people to get a taste of my work. Thanks for your continued support!

May you remember you are always whole.

April Energies Are Wild

While I do intuitively get information on the bigger picture energies for all of us, I also check in with what others get for these same bigger picture energies. We are all coming from different perspectives and tuning into different frequencies. The energies this month are so wild I thought I'd share a couple of the forecasts that I follow so that you can read through and see what resonates for you. When I can see how my personal level stuff fits in with the larger energies, that I'm not the only one going through this (whatever this is) stuff, I feel less alone, less separate. And since feeling a part of the whole is what I lean towards as often as possible, here are a couple of different forecasts for the month of April.

Mystic Mamma is a fabulous resource. Here's the monthly theme post, but explore the site some and see what else she's got.

Lee Harris Energy is another great resource. Here's his update for April.

Since the energies this month are so intense, I am offering a free guided meditation next Tuesday the 18th, from 8-8:30pm by phone. Details and sign up are here.

Allowing Wholness: A New Way of Being

Elizabeth and hawk

Last week I got to meet a falconer’s Harris’s hawk, Lexi, and I can still feel the experience rearranging my perceptions of self. How we connect to, are aware of, and define self is a journey in and of itself. During the entire event, I was in an extended state of detached observation of self, and it was similar to an out of body experience. From the moment I was within about 50 feet of the vehicle the hawks were in, my energy was stretching out and already merging with the birds’ energy. I was thrilled and honored to be the last person to hold her on my hand and have her (what I read as happily) squawking and moving her wings about some, too, for a long time. While she was on my hand, I was fully aware of my physical body, my feet on the ground, Lexi on my hand. But, I was also one with Lexi, in the space beyond the physical form.                         

This merging into oneness has opened me to a new level of feeling and being whole. I am me, but I am also the All, and I am whole in all ways. There is often such resistance to our true nature, but when we explore and are open to trying new things, we are more likely to experience a new way of being, or a new perspective of being. Today is the vernal equinox and we are hovering in the balance point between the dark and the light. This celestial balance point feels so supportive for setting the intention of allowing wholeness as our new way of being.
May you remember you are always whole.

To keep you up to date on the latest shifts in my work: over the last 5 months I've done some work with a few clients, dogs and humans, where I do energy work for no more than 30 minute stints for 2 or 3 days in a row. This is showing to be extremely helpful support in cases of physical injuries and I feel this would also be very appropriate for pre and post surgery situations as well. As always, I'm here to support you in transitions, big and small, and to provide a new level of connection with your companion animals. Thank you for your interest and support.

Happy Spring!

~ Research Time & Card for the Week ~

I don’t know about you, but that solar eclipse on February 26th was intense for me. I am still feeling the echoes. There’s been so much going on in my inner being that I feel like the processing, adjusting, re-centering, and re-balancing may never end. For now, I’m focusing on being here, breathing, and being me.

In the midst of all this, I have been feeling a strong push to focus more on my work with companion animals. So, I am doing some research on families that include critter pals. If this is you and you are will to have a conversation with me about your whole family, I would love to hear from you. This is in no way a sales pitch. This is just me delving into the multispecies family. My goal is to talk to 100 people, so if you know others you think might be willing to talk with me, please pass the information along. These conversations will be no more 30 minutes, and recorded so that I can sift through the words and find the nuggets that are repeated and those that shine the brightest. Details and scheduling can be found here.                                               

~ Card for the Week ~

Our internal clocks are about to get upset with the arrival of Daylight Savings Time this weekend. I have found that just like with leaping time zones in air travel, getting yourself outside in the sun each day, preferably moving, really helps the physical body adjust. In addition I’ve drawn a card for us from the Liquid Crystal Oracle deck: Imperial Topaz with the key words Confident Manifestation. This stone is “the voice of the universal Sun” and its main color rays are gold which feels so supportive with this shift in time and daylight. Also, “In times of depletion, Topaz can restore the self, acting like a battery, providing a backup energy reserve.” The animal totem for Topaz is the cheetah. With these winds still blowing strong and the golden yellow light of late winter shining brightly, the cheetah, who runs with the wind and is golden, feels very appropriate. While it might be easy to feel bowled over by the cheetah, instead think of riding or becoming the cheetah for those short bursts when things are moving fast and you need some help. Topaz is always a positive presence and the affirmation feels important: “I confidently create my World.”

As you adjust to Daylight Savings Time and everything else that is going on around you and even inside of you, remember I am here to support you. I often see the same issues presenting from many clients. This week I’m seeing breathing, upper heart/chest/back as a repeating theme. Does this resonate with you? Or are you noticing something different? Hands-on energy work is available in person and by phone, in addition to my work via guided meditation. Email me at elizabeth@elizabethbain.net to schedule an appointment.


Card for the Week; Preparing for the Solar Eclipse

From the Crystal Ally deck, the card that shows up for this week is Chrysocolla with the key words Sacred Sounds. Here are the words that stand out:

Chrysocolla encourages one to speak what is in the heart…In this time of change, we are being asked to review and revise our ways of communicating and interacting with one another. The power of the spoken word is now being realized. Chrysocolla has come at this time to aid us in finding new and more balanced ways of interacting, and to aid us in speaking from our hearts and our wisdom, so that we may utilize this sacred power for the highest good…Words are powerful in creating what we want on the Earth plane….The sounds we make are sacred.

The element for this card is water which is all about emotions, communication, and cleansing. So for this week, feel your way through some new ways of expressing yourself with your heart and voice in alignment, notice how your emotions come into play in this process, and where there is any sense of cleansing. The affirmation feels especially powerful: “I use my voice as a tool of creation and love.” You might write this down on a slip of paper and carry it in your pocket this week, drawing it out at least once a day to speak this affirmation aloud.

We had a lunar eclipse earlier in the month and we have a solar eclipse coming up this Sunday (we won’t be able to see it here in North America). I have felt called to offer another Group Healing Experience: Connect to Source and Open to the Unseen. This will be a live phone call Sunday, February 26th from 7:30-8pm. The cost is $20 and you will receive the recording afterwards. More details and registration are HERE. As always, thank you for sharing this with anyone you think might be interested.


Herding: Real Life Energy Work

Recently Lilly and I went to a herding trial to watch a few runs. Have you ever seen a herding trial? It’s a dance of human, dog, and sheep. And guess what, it’s all about energy! The human has to be aware of and able to read the interplay of energies between herself and the dog, the dog and the sheep, and herself and the sheep. It’s quite complex. It’s a variation on the theme of the illusion of separation. When it looks easy, it’s because the human and the dog have such an energetic connection that they are able to move as one, and thus move the sheep with ease. Just another example of our 4-leggeds showing us the way to be—all are one. Lilly and I hope to be moving some sheep soon! #lovemyherdingdogs

Elemental Support

Mid afternoon yesterday driving northwest through Nelson I was fascinated by the light. There were summer storm clouds brewing to the west and northwest. The fields were still winter pale. It was disconcerting: winter sun slant and summer cloud formations. The air was hot. And then the winds arrived, again. The winds battered against the house all night and I felt them sweeping through even my dreams. The moon and sun share the cloudless sky this morning. And I’m focusing on allowing that same balance to shine through me. Are you feeling these shifts of weather internally? Are you opening to elemental support right now?

Rune for the Full Moon and Eclipse

With the winds that continue to blow and the full moon and lunar eclipse tonight, the Runes were calling to me. Hagalaz or Disruption is the Rune that appeared. The other key words for this Rune are Elemental Power and Hail. This Rune is all about change and the disruption can be seen or felt on many levels. Here are the words that stand out for this week:

Change, freedom, invention and liberation are all attributes of this Rune…expect disruption, for it is the Great Awakener, although the form the awakening takes may vary…the term radical discontinuity best describes the action of Hagalaz at its most forceful. The more severe the disruption in your life, the more significant and timely the requirements for your growth. The universe and your own soul are demanding that you do, indeed, grow.                             

Any time you can spend bathing in the moonlight and being buffeted by the winds, is time well spent especially this weekend. Feel the power of the wind sweep across the land, watch the grasses and trees bend and sway, feel your body respond to the gusts and allow the wind to carry off all that does not serve you. Feel the wind push through you energetically lightening your load. Let the moon light, such a different feel from sunlight, seep into your cells and slough off anything that you no longer need. Breathe and be.

In these times of change, remember I am here for you. The Building Light 2 for 1 Special is just for the month of February, so please take advantage of this offer. Details can be found here.


Hagalaz Rune

~ 2 for 1 Building Light February Special ~

This month is a few days shorter but we get more light each day, yay! There’s still upheaval all around us and for many of us there’s inner upheaval as well. As a way of building more light on an energetic level, I’m offering a 2 for the price of 1 for the month of February. $90 will get you two 60 minute sessions (this only applies to 60 minute sessions and both must be scheduled in February). Perhaps you’re looking for a deep relaxation and clearing on all levels. Or maybe you’re looking for a new perspective on an issue that continues to reappear. Let’s explore and expand into wholeness together. Please email me at elizabeth@elizabethbain.net for an appointment.


Messages from Laurens

I said goodbye to my dumpster Maine Coon cat, Laurens, at the start of the week, and I’m very aware of his final messages. One thing he really wants me to pay attention to is the connecting point that love of our 4-leggeds creates among us humans. Even in the vet’s office after his transition from the physical plane, I was hyper-aware of knowing the other people around me have had these same connections with 4-leggeds. As someone who connects much more easily with other species than humans, knowing the power of this connecting point is important for me to remember. As the illusion of separation is such a deep part of the human experience, connecting points can be very helpful navigation tools. Are you aware of this connecting point? If so, how?




Laurens on mantel

Card for the Week

This week we are just into the Chinese lunar new year and in the final month before the Tibetan lunar new year, still in this window of astrological transition. I pulled out the Crystal Ally deck for a card for the week and Lapis Lazuli appeared. The key words are self knowledge and the element is wind. Here are the bits that stand out from Naisha Ahsian’s book with the card deck:

The greatest path of knowledge that we can pursue is the path of self knowledge. Our life on Earth is an opportunity to explore and learn about our own selves—our motives, ambitions, and beliefs…

Self knowledge is the tool with which we can create a reality that is conscious. Without self knowledge, we are often unwilling participants in an unconscious creation. Lapis Lazuli has come to aid us in the opening of our inner eyes, allowing us to see and perceive our own inner world, from which our outer world materializes…

When Lapis Lazuli appears, you can be sure that your guides and guiding angels are preparing you for a period of growth and enhanced understanding of your path and purpose on the Earth plane.

As I am writing this, the wind is roaring through the trees outside my windows. Wind is an element of motion, it is the mental aspect of existence, and it is the messenger of the Spirit world.

With the dark skies of the new moon full of sparkling planets and stars, Lapis Lazuli with its deep, dark blue, often found with pyrite’s gold shimmers in it, too, feels like a reflection of the skies in crystal form. So, too, does this bring to mind the macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos, or the outer world and inner world Naisha mentions above.

Here’s an exercise for this week. Take a few minutes to go outside after dark and stare up at the sky. If you can find even 5 minutes, grab a blanket and actually lie down on the earth and stare up at the sky. While you’re staring at the sky, allow your eyes to zoom in and focus on a star or planet and then zoom out and take in the vast sky. Breathe the night air and allow yourself to fill up with Spirit on your inhalations and empty out your worries and burdens on your exhalations. Notice what you’re creating in different aspects of your life and notice whether you are consciously or unconsciously creating it. Call on your guides and allies for support during this exploration of self knowledge.

As always, I love to hear your experiences and any sharing you’d like to do can be done in the comments below, via email, or via Facebook.