Current Energies, Transformation, and Bears, Oh My!

July dawn beam. Just like food is the original medicine, self-care is energetic nourishment.

July dawn beam. Just like food is the original medicine, self-care is energetic nourishment.

The eclipse season starts tomorrow with the new moon total solar eclipse (visible in South America) and Mercury goes retrograde on Sunday. It’s not just getting hot outside, the inner realms are getting hot, too! I’ve been experiencing lots of shifts on all layers and feel like June couldn’t possibly have been so full when it flew by so fast. There’s much about completion right now from deaths to jobs to personal patterns to karmic patterns. I’m seeing it in others, hearing it from others, and experiencing doozy level completions myself. If you’re interested in seeing what resonates for you in the current astrology, check here to see the astrologers I follow.

Last week I had a brief but clear dream full of nonhuman animals, with the closest and most prominent being a large bear sitting in front of me staring at me. I felt no fear, just a very matter of fact sense of being in the presence of a bear. The following morning Lilly and I met a friend for an early morning hike where we saw a huge bear walking down the trail towards us. We stopped, bear stopped. And eventually the bear turned around and walked back down the trail with one pause and glance over the shoulder at us before disappearing around the curve. We waited a bit before proceeding along the trail. The bear had left the trail at some point and we neither saw nor heard any more from a bear on our hike. For this to occur in the space of deep transformation I am currently experiencing feels potent. It is summer and I normally see lots of wildlife, but the past month has been rich with wildlife. Typically I don’t feel that the nonhuman creatures I see or hear are messengers, it’s more that they remind me of the webs within which we exist, and the similarities and differences among all of us as parts of the whole. Especially in a time of transformation, the support that I feel from so many reminders helping me remember and know I am part of the whole is priceless and affirming.

How are you currently navigating and/or experiencing life?

In my quest to reach more people with whom to share my work, I have a super short survey for you. Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill it out!

Are You Grounded? What Does That Even Mean?

Yellow Mountain June sunrise.

Yellow Mountain June sunrise.

While being grounded is something I’ve always been able to do, or really be, with a fair amount of ease, I am always (still) exploring it and ways of describing it. Grounded can have different meanings. Typically when people talk about being grounded, they mean specifically grounded in the earth. But for someone who does not have earth as one of her major elements, being grounded in earth can actually be a big interruption of flow. We are here in this human experience physically connected to this planet and we need to maintain that physical connection to the earth herself. But we don’t have to be weighed down by it.

I find that a different perspective or way of describing being grounded is: the flow in connection here in this body. If you’ve worked with me, you’ve, more than likely, experienced gold and brown light flowing through you, the connecting energies between your higher self and the earth. This is your manifestation in the physical plane. And this is an important connection to maintain. For many folks who don’t have earth as a major element, shifting the definition of grounded to a connection between higher self and the planet can make a huge difference. It is suddenly not an interruption of your being or a burden, but a connecting flow allowing you to be you.

Another aspect of being grounded which is less about the earth element and more about your major elements, has to do with being fully of the essence of the elements that are your major elements. This allows you to have a very different support within your energy structure. I used to specifically offer a short guided meditation for discovering your major elements where part of the discovery was receiving a shortcut to shift you into the space of sensing that support in your energy structure. This specific meditation hasn’t been called upon recently, but it’s suddenly come back into the light.

While being grounded has been a theme recently with clients, it’s also timely with the bigger energies. This week we’ve got the full moon (full earlier this morning at 4:30am) and the solstice on Friday at 11:54am. When the bigger energies, or people without healthy boundaries are pulling you off kilter, find your way into your elemental structure and you’re able to more safely and comfortably navigate the world.

Be sure to get outside to lie, sit, walk, dance this week. I have been feeling a pull to lead a solstice walk Friday evening, but so far have only receive a vague bit instead of details. If this interests you, please let me know and we’ll line it up.


Current Energies

June sunrise glow

June sunrise glow

It’s been an interesting roll from May into June. In mid May intense despair moved in, but even while experiencing it, I was aware of how different it was. I was depressed for a number of years and my experience of depression was being dragged into an abyss of despair and being stuck there. This recent despair was a presence in my energy body. I felt constricted with a sense of pressure from all directions, and I struggled to be me in every moment. I used all my skills working with this despair and it was just lodged there; there was no moving anything. And then after almost two weeks of this, I could suddenly feel it moving. It dissipated and flowed out of me over a 24 hour period. And that was when I realized just how much of my space it had been taking up. I was expanded into my whole self again. I could actually feel flashes of hope again.

I’m now in the midst of deep transformation with insights popping up right and left and all sorts of shedding going on. That despair was definitely a part of this transformation: setting me up for the different, the new, and reminding me of how much space I have that is mine to fill. This transformation feels specifically related to old, unhealthy patterns of perception of self, being human, love, and relating to other humans. Piece of cake, right?!

Today is a new moon and we’re only weeks away from the summer solstice. The days are stretching so long. There is so much light we can easily access. What seeds are you planting? What old blossoms are you releasing to the winds?

Here are two takes on the current energies that resonate with me.

May you know you are whole.

May you know you are part of the whole.

May you know you are light.

What to Do When Your House Won't Sell

May is turning to June, and the real estate market is moving from the rush of spring sales to the summer lull. Is your house still on the market? Are you asking, “What can I do when my house won’t sell?”

Have folks come for a showing but no one puts in an offer? Or does it feel like there’s no interest at all? While it may seem that your house is merely a physical structure for you and a place to store your things, you also have an energetic connection to your house. If the connecting lines aren't clear and unencumbered, it makes it difficult to sell. I help with getting a house sold. We work on clearing the energetic connections you have with the house, so the right buyer can make it their home.

A recent client hadn’t had anyone even looking. There was a showing of the house within a day of our session together…which came with an offer...and the house closed a few weeks later.

Interested in a session? Email me or schedule here.

Rectifying My Mistake or Why Work with Me Regularly

Sunrise May 20

Sunrise May 20

I have recently realized that I made a big mistake. I haven’t done a good job of sharing some helpful information about my energy work! As I have expanded my work beyond guided meditations, I’ve found that people receive a different level of support when they regularly work with me. When we work together in a Reading and Clearing, the basis of the session is that I do a reading of your energy and clear what needs to be cleared. Yes, if you have a specific focus, I will work with that, but even if you don’t have anything specific, you’ll still receive the benefits of the work.

I have a client who once described my work as, “Like a drain cleaner. You put them in and there’s a clog and they drip through little by little until they break at the clog until it’s gone. And I feel like that’s how you use your energy and enable all of us to use our energy that way, too.”

Often when working via guided meditation, clients need help with a major block or finding a new perspective and in only one session massive transformation occurs and we’re done! With the reading and clearing work, I help you maintain a clearer energy structure along the way rather than just working when in more of a crisis situation. It also means that if/when you do have a bigger issue to focus on, the guided meditation is even more potent since you and your energy are in shape, so to speak, from regular clearing.

Have you tried a Reading and Clearing session? Want to see how regular energy work will benefit you? I am offering a special package rate for the solstice season. From now until the end of June: $280 for 3 Reading and Clearing sessions (all sessions must be completed by July 31). Do you have questions? Please ask me! Want to schedule? Contact me or schedule here!

Timing, Rhythms, and Paths

Blue grosbeak

Blue grosbeak

When you pay attention to timing, rhythms, and paths, you find where you intersect with others. On our morning walks this is literal. While the time of our walk shifts with the light throughout the year, it’s a pretty gradual shifting most of the time. Who do we intersect with? Four deer cross our path at the same spot for much of the year. Grasshopper sparrows and meadowlarks are in the same areas of field and fence as we pass by from spring through fall. The adult foxes have slightly more variable rhythms but we often see one or know one has just crossed our path. This year the blue grosbeaks are nesting close to our path and this morning we got to see the male in a display with head feathers spiked, tail feathers dragging the ground, and wings moving slowly out and in as the female watched from the fence. He was just ahead of us and didn’t seem perturbed by us. We stopped to watch (just as we stop for the deer to cross) and he eventually flew up to where the nest seems to be. For me, awareness of where I intersect with others who are wild(er than I) really helps me know I am part of the whole. I can feel my part in the symphony of life. Who are you intersecting with and where?

Why Take Deep Relaxation for You and Your Critters?

Lilly sleeps

Lilly sleeps

This class is for you whether or not you:

  • have worked with me

  • are already aware of your deep connection with your critter(s)

  • have worked with an animal communicator

This class is for you if you are:

  • interested in my cross species work

  • looking for insight on something specific with your critter(s)

What the class talk will cover:

  • the basics of energy

  • how we’re all connected

  • types of communication

  • why relaxation is so important in life

What the class guided meditation will include:

  • an energy level exploration of self, critter(s), and the lines connecting you all

  • basic clearing

  • accessing deep relaxation

The critters already know about this level of connection that I share and use in my work. During or after an initial session, they are often saying some variation of, “I’m so glad you figured this out!” or “Duh, what took you so long?” depending on the individual’s character traits, while the humans are experiencing a different level of connection and communication with the nonhumans.

Here are a couple of examples of the shifts this work can support:

"Our rescue pup was having trouble settling during the day. Although we provided chew toys, walks, playtime, and bones for him to chew, he had a strong tendency to gnaw on anything & everything else in the home. After working with Elizabeth, our pup became noticeably calmer and willing to sit with the family instead of heading to other parts of the house to chew on furniture, books, blankets, etc. The shift(s) and clearing of energy that Elizabeth is able to tap into in people & / or their pets really does work and the impact on our family has been quite noticeable. We are now all able to coexist and our family has the benefit of sitting calmly without concern that the pooch will head off to another part of the house to chew a chair leg, etc." --V.W.

“I had two half-sibling indoor cats, each fourteen years old. One was forever gregarious and a darling. The other, a female, was always extremely shy and skittish. She disappeared into the basement whenever a stranger entered the house. She ran when I walked into the room. I wasn’t allowed to touch, so she hadn’t been to the vet in twelve years. I was sad but passive about having no relationship with an animal who shared my home. We were strangers living side by side.

I learned of Elizabeth’s services and called. I know it sounds like an evangelical miracle but the morning after our single telephone session I was lying on the floor rubbing Alice’s tummy. Thereafter she was happier, I was happier. I don’t know if Elizabeth’s skills worked on the cat or on me, but the result was real. If you have an animal or a relationship that needs improvement, I recommend Elizabeth without reservation.” --J.C.

You will receive a recording of the call, so you’ll have access whether you can make it live or not. Interested? Have questions, ask! You can REGISTER HERE.

Transitions Are Everywhere

foggy may morning

It’s a new month, and the new moon was on Saturday. There is definitely different energy available! (Check the links below for information on the energies of this new moon and month.) With all these shifts in the bigger energies, I’ve been aware of transitions large and small. As life is change, we are always in the midst of transitions; we just don’t always look at life this way. I had an experience on Saturday that highlighted for me the transition from the Truth-Choice-Action theme of April into the May theme of Awareness (as named by The Power Path). I didn’t actually receive any new information in my experience on Saturday, but because of the work I’d done in April exploring Truth-Choice-Action and how that played out for me, and because of the shift to the Awareness energies of May, I was aware of receiving the information, aware of my truth and choices and actions (previously, currently and in the future) and got a clearer, deeper perspective allowing me to fully release an old pattern and start creating the new pattern I need. I spent some time processing this transition Sunday. And then, Monday morning on our walk, there was beautiful ground fog. As fog softens the edges and smooths transitions, of colors, shapes, elements, it reminded me that it can help with my own transitions, so I let it in, smiling at and grateful for the support.

The other theme I notice that keeps showing up, has to do with awareness of self-created limitations. This theme has been present for the last month or so and still feels important. With the richness of spring colors everywhere, the analogy I keep getting is that we often tend to create patterns of beliefs, thoughts, actions, and more in black and white. Typically if we do move beyond black and white, we still only add/allow grey...forgetting that there is an entire spectrum of colors (black, white, and grey aren’t technically even colors) that we can access and use. When you’re outside notice the colors, and all the different hues of each color. From the grasses to the trees to the insects to the clouds and birds, there are so many colors to absorb to expand our inner being’s spectrum.

This month I’m offering another class by phone: Deep Relaxation for You and Your Critters. Wednesday, May 15h, 7-7:45pm, $30. Via guided meditation, we’ll explore and clear you, your companion animals, and the heart to heart lines connecting the two (or more) of you and we’ll find deeper states of relaxation. This call will be live and there will be time for questions before the guided meditation. It will also be recorded and you’ll receive the recording if you can’t make it on the call live and for your future use. As you probably know, I’m big on relaxation and how it is a receptive state and thus an important state to cultivate especially as it relates to change. If you’re ready for some relaxation not just for you, but for your critters, register here.

Helpful information on current energies:

I just had another client get a house sold after a session. If you’re selling your house (or looking for one to buy), let’s work together to clear out blocks and smooth the process for you. If you’re looking for support as you move through a larger transition, a weekly session can work wonders. Interested? Contact me or schedule here.

Intense Times: Finding Support

We are currently experiencing some intense times, again. Astrologically there’s a fair amount going on and if you are looking for some insights and resonance, check here:

These energies magnify our individual issues, but we all seem to be feeling the same level of intensity. I have been experiencing despair as I haven’t felt it in years. And while it’s hard, I’m very aware of just how different I am now, and how much better I am at knowing what is self and what is non-self. This is allowing me to experience the despair as waves that move through me and out of me. Previously, I could only get overwhelmed by and stuck in the despair. I find that I am ever more grateful for and clear on what helps me maintain awareness of my connection with source.

It’s spring, so my feathered allies are everywhere, whether migrating through or arriving for the next several months. Each bird view and song is like a vibration in my core where I can feel these birds are me; we are source. I am also ultra aware of the difference between quantity human contact and quality human contact. Now is a time when quality human contact can really make a big difference for you. Support is ever present, we just have to remember to search for it.

If you need help finding that support, contact me for a session! We can work together to clear away the murk and debris to open up the heart to heart lines that connect all of life.

Clearing Connections

trees in sky

Lately, I’ve been aware of an extra active mental state. My mental body defaults to override overrule in harder or more intense times and I’ve been noticing this old pattern trying to overwhelm the balance I move in, towards, through on a daily basis. But one of the interesting benefits of this is that I have flashes of insight when I’m not even looking for them. I got a good one the other day. I’m always listening closely to the words clients use when they talk about working with me. I know that how I perceive my work is not always the same way clients perceive my work. (Major part of this human experience, right?!) I talk about perspectives a lot and I know that clearing is a good way to define much of the work that I do, sort of the umbrella of my work. I also talk about how the heart to heart connections we have with all of life are the basis of my work. But, I hadn’t really seen it as actually clearing those heart to heart connections. Basically, I help you clear connections. Look at that, a short sentence to describe my work!

Many folks immediately go to chakras when they think of energy work. My work is coming from a different perspective and the base is that we are all part of the whole. We’re all connected to each other and to all of life. These connections can get fuzzy, clogged, skewed, and need attention. Clearing is the mainstay of this work, but just experiencing the perspective of these heart to heart connections is powerful. While I do some chakra work, more often I draw on elements, higher harmonics, and rays.

That being said, Spring Cleaning: the Energy Level is a phone class doing just that. We’ll be clearing the connections between you and the house, the house and the land, you and the land, as well as the house structure itself, and the land itself. I didn’t specify previously, but this class will be recorded, so if you’re interested but busy on April the 9th from 7-8pm, you can still take the class via the recording. Know someone who’s selling their house, just moved, renovating or just wants something different in current life? Share this class with them. Your house is your foundation and this clearing work will ripple into all aspects of your life. Register!

Spring Cleaning from the Comfort of Your Couch!

crocus edit.jpg

Spring cleaning is something most folks do on some level: whether it’s window washing, cleaning the baseboards and walls, or deep cleaning a room and even rearranging the furniture. Some of you might even think of the energy in the house and burn sage or clap to clear out specific areas. But what about the energy of the structure of your house? Yes, you may well address the structure of your house in your spring cleaning by emptying out the gutters or washing the siding, but I’m talking about the energy of the structure itself. And what about the land where your house sits? What about the connection you have with your house? While energy is the foundation of our existence, what everything is made of, because it’s not visible (and we’re a very vision oriented species), often energy level work is not utilized as well as it could be.

Just like your physical body benefits from energy clearing, so, too, does the structure of your house. Whether you’re in a new house (or apartment) or old, whether you’re in a new to you house or you’ve been in the same place for decades, think of all the energetic cobwebs and grit and grime that have accumulated. What is the current state of your connection with your house? Home is where the heart is; I bet this connection could benefit from some clearing. And the point on the planet where your house sits can always benefit from clearing out residue from human presence: our species is often out of sync with the bigger organism of Gaia and this is one way to help with that.

I’ve worked with people during and after house renovations to clear and shift the energy of the house and the energy of all the beings in the house so that everyone can settle into a new balance. I’ve even worked with clients, when their house was on the market but not selling, to help the sale occur with more ease. And now, I’m going to guide you through a spring cleaning of the energy of your house, your connection with the house, and the land where it sits, all from the comfort of your couch. You can see the details and register HERE.

Equinox Thoughts on Balance

Vernal Equinox Dawn

Vernal Equinox Dawn

I’ve always got a lot to say about balance, and today is the equinox which is all about balance, so here are a few snippets.

Balance isn’t a destination, it’s an ongoing state of flux. It’s the difference between thinking you are in the river and you will arrive at the ocean and that is the goal, the end, and knowing you are the water, whether the river or the ocean or rain running down the gutter in a storm. When I think about balance, I like to think about how much water is in our physical bodies; over half of our bodies is water. Flow is natural for us to feel and experience as we are already amazing containers for flow. But in today’s fast paced world of instant gratification, many of us have forgotten how to access and experience flow. While flow is most easily associated with water and other liquids, flow can be found in sounds, breathing, physical movement, and more.

Balance and flexibility go hand in hand as it is hard, if not impossible, to find balance if you are not flexible, just as flow is not going to be as easy if you’re like ice, moving reeaally slowly, or moving super fast. It can be an easy shift from the physical body to the mental, emotional, and energy bodies when we’re talking about flexibility, balance, and flow. Our minds tend to lean towards symmetry, but balance doesn’t have to be exact because, remember, it’s not an end goal.

Balance is being the water, not being the captain of a boat on the water. Balance is acknowledging and accepting what you are and are not in control of. Balance is recognizing that you’re swimming and you can move your body in the water, but that ultimately the water is moving you somewhere, too.

Here are a few simple things you can try out for yourself as tools to assist you in finding flow, flexibility, and balance.

  • Breathwork

  • Walking or other physical movement

  • Floating or swimming

  • Listening to music or nature sounds

  • Meditation of whatever form suits you that’s not listed above

While this is by no means the be all and end all on balance (there isn’t one, right?!), it’s another piece of what I like to think is an ongoing dialogue on and exploration of balance. What are your thoughts on balance? I’d love to hear.

Are You in Flow?

Lilly is a fabulous teacher on finding and riding the flow.

Lilly is a fabulous teacher on finding and riding the flow.

With all the rain we’ve had in the last year and all the time I spend at the river with Lilly, the word mainstream has been on my mind a lot. When you read or hear this word, where do you go? For me mainstream is almost immediately attached to culture. And when I think of mainstream culture, I am aware of being different. When describing water, the mainstream current is the deepest and the strongest. I have never felt like I was a part of or in the mainstream culture even as I’ve felt the pull. I have struggled, as so many of us do in this human experience, with finding any flow that is my kind of flow.

Since the start of this calendar year, I’ve been experiencing life in a very different fashion. I have become aware of access to flow and motion that I have previously been unable to find, let alone merge with and ride. I am building a new relationship with flow! As I wrote last summer, I’ve long been focused on the being aspect of this human experience and I’ve been shifting into the doing aspect. With this different experience of flow, I’m doing more, yet still being me.

As I’m learning to do me, not just be me, I’m giving myself and my purpose a larger amount of energy and focus. I’m exploring from my heart space (just as I guide you, my clients, to do) my relationship with my energy work and my purpose. And as I explore, I’m clearing out the gunk, the detritus that I’ve inherited, collected, all the stuff that blocks my views. I’m creating space both for expansion within myself and for expansion of my work and my purpose in the world. Onward I go.

Are You Looking for a New Perspective?


The Lunar New Year has begun and we’re now in the year of the boar or pig (Tibetan and Chinese) with the element of earth. I’m riding these energies to bring you my latest news.

I’m getting specific on what I do best for you: guide you to new perspectives.

I’m reaching out to find more people who resonate with my work with humans. (I still do my cross-species work, but I am focusing on humans right now.)


A session is 60 minutes long. Once we line up a time, you fill out a session clarification form so we know what you want to focus on. At the appointed time, you relax in your home and I get to work. We are not on the phone together until 45 minutes into the session when I’ve finished the work. At that point I give you the highlights of the session and we dialogue if you wish. You will also receive detailed notes in an email following the session.

What clients are saying about this new format:

“Over the six years I have worked with Elizabeth her clarity and specificity have deepened. She truly does remarkable work and is a gifted person who is able to assist me in finding clarity and moving forward in a grounded and light filled way.” --E.W.

“I feel much more connected to myself and my inner knowing. You also brought up very specific energetic processes/shapes/animals/verbiage that was deeply affirming and eerily similar to work I was already doing on my own.” --J.P.

More changes: I’ve added scheduling to my website, so you can head there to schedule your New Perspectives session.

I’d love to connect with more like-minded people, so if you know someone you think might resonate with my work and words, please send them this way!


Insights of the Dark Season: Limiting Beliefs

full moon setting over rockfish gap

Life feels to be a continual shedding and creating. I have long used both breath and eye blinks as reminders that I am new. Especially this winter, I am feeling an intensity of this newness on a daily basis. Sometimes insights hit me with unexpected force. As December drew to a close I had several insights arrive with that unexpected force. Timing can be everything and in this case it was. One of these insights had to do with a limiting belief. It wasn’t new to me that I had this particular limiting belief, but I was finally able and ready to see/hear/know it’s bigger impact on my existence. I finally got the possibilities of who I could be without this belief.

Limiting beliefs are often built off of old patterns (inherited or absorbed or learned early in the current life or carried over from a previous life) and thus slip past our radar time and again. When they are suddenly highlighted, there can be a clarity to the connecting lines between the belief and those old patterns. So how have I shifted since recognizing that limiting belief? What did I do? I didn’t really do anything. I’ll explain.

I tend to use the time in bed after I turn out the lights as my sacred space. I ask for assistance, guidance, support. I set intentions. And what I realized most recently is that this is where I let in source in a different way. This is where I have practiced and am learning to allow and receive. One strong view in our culture is that you have to do something to something and this is often tied into the belief that fixing is what it's all about. I have found that shifts often occur when you let go and allow what is to be, when you receive what is and accept it as it is. This allows a detachment to occur and the tethers we’ve created often vanish. At base this is all a shift in perspective.

I laugh at that last sentence because for me so much comes down to perspective. It’s one of the foundations of my work. And on that note, I’d like to share that my work is shifting and I’m now offering my sessions in a slightly different format. There’s more of a combined reading and healing aspect to my work and if you’re interested in more details please hit reply to this email. I’d love to share. I’m also exploring some future offerings and look forward to sharing more on those soon.

I’d love to connect with more like-minded people, so if you know someone you think might resonate with my work, please share this post.

  • If you’re looking for nature connection in the physical realm, we can arrange a walk’n’talk and get you noticing your surroundings in new ways, email for a session.

  • If you’re looking for deep relaxation (and clearing), email for a session.

  • If you’re looking for nature connection across the tiny screen in front of you, follow me on Instagram: @intuitive_energy_guide and you’ll get views and positive words all in one spot; and on Facebook at Elizabeth Bain, Intuitive Energy Guide and Elizabeth Bain.

  • Dog training is an exciting and fun part of my world. If you're interested in what I'm doing, be sure to find Doggedly Whole on fb and ig, too. Shared moments of joy with your 4-legged(s) are amazing!


A Lesson as a Shapeshifter

dec 6 pic.jpg

I am a shapeshifter. For me, one of the (many) gifts that comes with being a shapeshifter, is my ability to understand others and their views even in situations I have not personally experienced. This is a powerful and amazing gift, but gifts have lessons, too, areas of growth.

Somewhere along the way, my ability to understand others and my ability to stay in connection with source and know my worth have gotten tangled up at the edges. When I am not centered, grounded, and aligned with source, I fall into the disarray of those tangled edges. That is a default setting that was highlighted recently when I was too understanding of someone else and didn’t stand up for myself. When I am not centered, grounded, and in alignment with source, I get lost and/or stuck in the other being’s perspective and can’t get back to myself to see my own perspective.

Do you have default settings? I certainly do. Once I am aware of them, I explore and mine them for information on the wheres and whys, and do any clearing or resetting that is healthy and right for me. Over time, I work the different layers as they are exposed doing what I can and need to do at that point. For me this is all part of this human experience. Is this something you might need help with? I’m here!

I am considering leading a small, group walk to broaden perspectives and show ways of reconnecting with the world of which we are a small part. If this is something that interests you, please reply to this email to let me know.

  • If you’re looking for some nature connection in the physical realm, we can arrange a walk’n’talk and get you noticing your surroundings in new ways, email for a session.

  • If you’re looking for some deep relaxation (and clearing), email for a session.

  • If you’re looking for some nature connection across the tiny screen in front of you, follow me on Instagram: intuitive_energy_guide and you’ll get views and positive words all in one spot.

  • Dog tricks are an exciting and fun part of my world at the moment with teaching classes and working with Lilly. Be sure to find Doggedly Whole on fb and ig, too. Shared moments of joy with your 4-legged(s) are so healing!

As always I love to hear your thoughts and current reality! Thank you for your continued support and referrals.


The Wisdom of the Planet and Seasonal Self-Care

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Lately, I have been noticing some clarification in my purpose. It’s two fold, but interconnected: I am an advocate for the beings without a voice (species other than humans); I am a guide for humans in remembering we are part of the whole. A key part of this purpose is showing how much wisdom this planet has that we can learn from. And if you don’t actually look and smell and feel the world around you that you are a part of, you’ll miss out on all that wisdom. Just last week, I was noticing we had days of clouds in beautiful repeating patterns. I marvel at the echoes or reflections or foundations these patterns create as they cross elements, kingdoms, and more: clouds, cells, parched earth, minerals left as water dries on stone. What do you notice?

We’re heading into the end of the year where there’s often lots of extra life happening. This can also be an emotional time of year for people. On top of that, in this part of the world, the days are still getting shorter and it can feel or be harder to find light. One of the best ways to help yourself move through this season with a little more ease is to make relaxation a goal for at least once a week. Depending on your stress load, you might want more than once a week. I know, I know, if you’re busy, how do you find time to relax?! Even just 5 or 10 minutes goes a long way to helping your whole being, but ideally you’ll dedicate 30 minutes or more. Yes, you can get an energy session with me for relaxation (guided meditation or just silent work from me), or Zero Balancing session, or acupuncture. But you can also take an Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil and some soothing music. You can lie outside on a blanket and stare at the stars or soak up whatever light there might be. There are loads of other ways to relax, I’m just getting you started, but I do suggest you stay away from screens and even books as forms of relaxation and stick to time with yourself. I highly recommend putting this on your calendar each week so you do it.

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Harvest and Lightening Your Load as the Dark Grows

A cow friend came over to see what Lilly was doing (rolling on her back in the grass) as I was taking sunset pictures last week.

A cow friend came over to see what Lilly was doing (rolling on her back in the grass) as I was taking sunset pictures last week.

Near the fall equinox and full moon that was the following day, I found myself knowing that the harvest this year was about looking back at more than the previous nine months. This year it’s a much longer time frame from which we’re harvesting. When I read The Power Path’s monthly forecast for October, I was not surprised to see the theme “Taking Inventory.” What is part of a harvest but taking inventory, right? Heading into the final third of the month what strikes me is that the longer time frame is longer than I’d previously realized, it’s karmic.

This is a time not only for deep exploration of who you are and of the life you have created, but a time to access the co-creative power you have with source across all your lives. You are taking stock of the patterns that are part of you right now whether from this life or past lives or even future lives. You have access to a bigger picture of your existence and with that picture, you can see where you have ties or knots or weavings that no longer serve you. What seems to be coming next, and feels to me like it will be the main energy of November, is the releasing: the active severing of those ties, knots, and weavings so that you can set those energies free and set yourself free to be the you that is ready to shine more brightly in this life time. It feels like this month’s deep exploration is looking through the caverns of all our lives across time (so, karmic), and that by exposing these pieces to the light of true self in connection with source, you are going to set them on fire in praise and gratitude and like a phoenix, rise anew from the ash at your core.

Until we get to that next step, get outside and walk. As the amount of daily light decreases, you are getting less light, so make sure to get out there and soak it up. One energy this month that feels prevalent is despair. My depression is despair, so it is very easy and common for me to slide right into it. What do I do when I’m in despair? I go outside and walk. When do I feel most like my true self? When I am outside walking. If you’re feeling despair or tired or anything that’s not what you want to feel, give it a try.

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~Are You Feeling Part of the Whole?~

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I recently had an email exchange with a client that allowed me a different perspective on my own journey and relationship with my intuition. I had happily offered to share some book titles for exploring intuition and then when I went to actually list some titles, I realized just how different my path has been to my current knowing of self and source and how intertwined they are. To me, intuition is being fully in flow with source and thus able to access information that is beyond what we think of as self. Young adult fantasy novels helped me in a huge way (read as an adult) in finding ways of moving with nature and finding my flow within the world. (I know, really!) I feel as though I am at the leading corner of an enormous fabric that stretches out behind me and is woven of all the strands of my experiences leading me to this exact moment. At the same time, I am a tree with branches reaching to the stars and roots that are my experiences providing the nourishment that has led me to my current self. It’s not as though this is any end point, this is all an ongoing experience of being. Maintaining my ability to feel in flow with nature and source is key to maintaining my sanity and ability to move through this world, but so, too, is continued exploration of flow and nature and source.

How do I both maintain and explore? Much of my self-care is both. My gratitude practice maintains my relationship with gratitude and perspective and it’s not a stagnant, detached practice, so it is also an exploration of gratitude and perspective. My walking practice maintains my awareness of my physical self and my physical connection with this planet, and allows me a specific time, space, and place for exploring this physical realm and how/where I am part of the whole. My writing practice creates a specific way and place to unload all the thoughts and feelings that I carry (mine and not mine) which helps me maintain a regular clearing for myself, and also creates a specific way and place for dreams and insights and explorations. I have other self-care practices, but these are my foundation and provide an example of how I am able to both maintain and explore within the same practices.

I will be offering a class to support your own journey into finding your flow within nature and feeling part of the whole. This class is still taking shape, so if this is something that resonates with you, please let me know, especially if there are specifics you are looking for. Details will be coming as the shape becomes clearer.

September Special:

September is a month of transitions and I’d like to provide some support to those of you needing help with one specific issue. The One Issue Session: 30 minutes of guided meditation and conversation. Special price of $35 for this month only. Please email me to book a session.

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  • If you’re looking for some nature connection in the physical realm, we can arrange a walk’n’talk and get you noticing your surroundings in new ways, email for a session.
  • If you’re looking for some nature connection across the tiny screen in front of you, follow me on Instagram: intuitive_energy_guide and you’ll get views and positive words all in one spot.
  • Dog tricks are an exciting and fun part of my world at the moment with teaching classes and working with Lilly. Be sure to find Doggedly Whole on fb and ig, too. Shared moments of joy with your 4-legged(s) are so healing!

As always I love to hear your thoughts and current reality! Thank you for your continued support and referrals.